Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Slackers - Self Medication

The Slackers are another band that are still going strong after the third wave ska revival of the early 1990s and have maintained a steady procession of releases in their 18 odd years; I make this their 11th studio album.
Self Medication is predominately on the rocksteady, early reggae sounding tip, with a dash of good ol’ ska thrown in. The LP kicks off nicely with the up-tempo 'Everyday Is Sunday', a happy go lucky kinda song about the joys of unemployment and finding things to do to fill the time. The pick of this fine bunch for me though are the pulsing ‘Don’t You Want a Man’, ‘Leave Me, a nice ska tune with a Latin feel, and the skanking superb ‘Eviction’. There are however a couple of tracks that go away from the reggae feel completely in the shape of the good Beatles sounding ballad 'Stars' and the quirky (and weakest track I feel) Elvis parody 'Don't Have To'.
All in all this is great album with plenty to keep you listening and wanting more.

Track List
1. Everyday Is Sunday
2. Don't You Want A Man
3. Don't Forget The Streets
4. Estranged
5. Stars
6. Leave me (latin ska)
7. Eviction (skank)
8. Happy Song (ska)
9. Self Medication
10. Don't Have To
11. Walkin' With Myself
12. Sing Your Song

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