Friday, February 27, 2009

Springline Special Next Month!

Springline , Mid March:
A Special write up on WalkUp Records from New York and their
brand new album release from Bigga Haitian..
stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Telford "Tilly" Nelson at Springline

Telford "Tilly" Nelson was born in St. Andrew, just outside of Kingston, Jamaica. His music career began at an early age with his first recording in 1975, called 'Kali Weed', which was recorded at Harry J Studio in Kingston, and released on the Weed Beat Label. A few solo albums like: "LIVE AS ONE","WANTED" accompanied by Chris Meridth & Squidly Cole, followed before he released his best known work "ON THE ROCK", a very phenomenal album of pure roots vibes. He then joined CULTURE in the late 1990's singing harmonies with Albert Walker for the now late and great Joseph Hill. He has also worked with the likes of Larry Marshal, Berris Hamond, Stranger Cole, and many more. He is currently voicing a selection of riddims provided by Swiss master riddim maker Flow Prods which will be mixed at Music Box in Kingston Ja for an album release on SpringlineJamaica later this year ,also SJ label will be releasing a three track EP of original songs to online stores written and composed by Tilly Nelson which simultaneously will be released in Ja on Tilly's PARADISE label via CD. With these confirmed and other idea's in the pot SpringlineJamaica looks forward to more collaborations with Telford Nelson.


The following is a list of known releases (source: Roots Knotty Roots)

“Collie weed” (Kali Weed) on Jamaican Weed Beat label 1975 (debut recording)
“Get Rough” on Jamaican Sonie Fudgie label
“Ghetto man Skank” on Jamaican Sonie Fudgie label
“Rough Road” on Jamaican Sonie Fudgie label

On The Rock
Live As One


Telford 'Tilly' Nelson (left) with Albert Walker of Culture

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mungo's Hi Fi News

News from the Mungo’s Hi Fi camp is that all went well at the Caves for Hogmanay, with the whole place getting vibrated into the New Year with help from the Leeds Subdub massive, the OBF crew in Geneva, the Hootananny hoodlums and the East German dub crew at the Maria and Zoro - serious party people.
Mungo's Hi Fi on Samurai FM
Mungo’s are also back on the radio, this time in a samurai style. Check the mix from them on their homepage as part of their transmediale festival coverage - you'll be able to hear the live show they did in Berlin last month with Mikey Murka as well when they put the files up. (also worth checking for the manic picture of Disrupt)

full sound system with WARRIOR QUEEN, EARL 16 and KENNY KNOT
Scrayyzeee lineup in the BLUEPRINT check their myspace for more dates in France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Wales and Glasgow...

all available from decent record shops and

with 4 bonus dubs and d&m mastering for vinyl heaven

A - Babylon (new mix from the dubstep allstars)
B - Dubplate fi dem

Help Save The Kebabs

Catch it Kebabs are currently blasting through tracks for their new album now and need your help!

They have 200 copies of the new version of 'Skankin' Sausages' (their sparkling 2004 debut) up for grabs and here is the deal:

If they sell 200 CD's @ £8 (Sorry it’s via Paypal so they had to put the price up by a British Pound), that's £1400 towards the new album (after P+P), but I hear you say, what is in it for me??????
Well, you'll get a copy of Skankin' Sausages!
IS THAT IT!! You scream......................Well no they will also send you a copy, by post of the pre-released album within 2-3 weeks of it being finished being mixed and mastered for FREE!! (So a kinda 2-4-1 deal). It will be a special promo version too, so it will be unique!

The CD is due out later this year, and will feature all the names of the people who have supported them on it (please tell them if you don't want to included, maybe you're ashamed to like SKA...... RUBBISH !!

So if you are interested click on the link below and help a kebab in need


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Dubmatix - Dread & Gold (Free Download)

Dubmatix have made available for free download here the release

"Dread & Gold - Dub from the Smoke Factory"

a 10-track compilation of unreleased dub spanning 2003-2008.

This is a great rootsy, dub LP & is well worth a listen as an introduction to his style. Also checkout the new LP Renegade Rockers, which features a host of reggae greats! (I hope to have a review of this soon)

Here is the link for Dread & Gold "Dub from the Smoke Factory"......enjoy!!

It's the full album. Featuring:

1. Killing Dub [3:27]

2. Rightful Ruler Dub [4:14]

3. Hashashin Dub [3:44]

4. Conquered Kingdoms Dub [3:59]

5. High Crimes Dub [4:25]

6. Are You Ready Dub [4:15]

7. Shaolin Warrior Dub [4:01]

8. Darkside Dub [3:24]

9. Rengade Rocker Dub [3:27]

10. Ain't Got No Love Dub [4:30]

Dubmatix Soundsystem Come Fi Conquer!!

One of Canada's premiere dub, reggae & electro artists having spent months on top of the Canadian & International charts, touring domestically & internationally, collaborating with legendary reggae heavy weights (Sugar Minott, Michael Rose, Alton Ellis and more) and a sought after producer/remixer working with artists across the globe (Scotland, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, France, Germany, Canada).


Having imprinted his name in the mind of the reggae fans across Canada & Europe with one of his first-ever releases back in 2004, the Toronto-born producer is now firmly established as one of Canada's premiere reggae/dub artists and with two chart-topping releases behind and the new "Renegade Rocker" just coming out, the future looks brighter than ever.Music runs deep within the veins as does the various musical styles Dubmatix drops - from pure, old-school King Tubby dub to the freshest electro/steppers dub to classic conscious roots to Drum'n'Bass and more. Growing up Dubmatix was surrounded by instruments and recording equipment which provided hours of experimentation and recording from an early age. Having learned drums, bass, guitar and piano as a youth it has helped push the boundaries of musical taste and production later in life. Over the past years he's been in various reggae & acid jazz groups jumping from drums to bass and back in 2002/2003 firmly planted the seeds of what became the first Dubmatix release "Champion Sound Clash" which garnered rave reviews across the globe and landed a European licensing deal. Since then "Atomic Subsonic" was dropped in 2006 and "Renegade Rocker" in 2008 with various remixes, production and digital releases in between. Working with local artists such as Treson, Kulcha Ites, Raffa & Howie Smart to legendary heavy weights Sugar Minott, Michael Rose, Alton Ellis, Wayne Smith and more - Dubmatix brings a vibe that is hard to lock down but always provides solid grounding in bass-heavy grooves.


Dubmatix is the solo musical project of Jesse King. Involved in music from his early childhood while on the road and in studios with musician and local Jazz-er father Bill King (whose own career spans 5 decades.) Bill King's roles have ranged from Musician, Arranger, Producer and Musical Director for some of music's most well known artists including Janis Joplin, Martha Reeves, Pointer Sisters and many more. In the early 70s - King was keyboardist with a local reggae group that included Everton "Pablo" Paul who emigrated from Jamaica to Toronto alongside one of reggae's most well-known writers, arrangers and keyboardists - Jackie Mittoo. It was this group and meeting with Paul that would define and shape the music that Dubmatix would produce years later. Paul provided the key to the city of dub by lending Dubmatix his first and life-shaping LP King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown in the 80s. Pablo "Everton" Paul is also one of the members of the late 60's reggae band "The Cougars" featuring Jay Douglas, Wayne McGhie, Jackie Mitoo - managed by the late Karl Mullings. These members appear on the Light In The Attic release "From Jamaica to Toronto" that stormed the retail and radio charts in 2006. In this small world of music - Dubmatix collaborated with Mullings’ daughter and 2008 Juno Award Nominee Tanya Mullings on her latest release "Music Is My Life".2008 has already blasted off at full force with the release of "Dubmatix meets Howie Smart - Hard Road" recorded between 2004-2005, "Renegade Rocker" and the D&B side project- DJ Ironbelly "Amped".

Courtesy of Jesse 'Dubmatix' King

Visit the links below to find out more.

Theo Beckford - Profile

Theophilus Beckford was born in 1935, in Trench Town Kingston, Jamaica. His musical talents can most probably be attributed to his father, who played in the Jamaican Military Band, and the fact that he had access to the family piano. His family noticed his talent but still forced him to learn music first at Kingston's Boys Town School and then with two private tutors. By the 1955 he purchased his own piano, and played on calypso songs, aimed primarily at tourists, for Count Lasher and Lord Flea, with Jewish-Jamaican entrepreneur and proprietor of a downtown photographic supply shop Stanley Motta producing.
The dominant music in Jamaica during the 50's was American rhythm and blues, and most local artists copied the sounds of New Orleans. Beckford has cited the Memphis jump-blues piano playing of Rosco Gordon as particularly influential on his style, with Fats Domino another major inspiration; he was also fond of singers Lloyd Price and Patti Page. In late 1956, Beckford started to develop a style that drew from R&B, but had a noticeably different rhythmic structure; instead of the fore-beat emphasis of boogie woogie, he used piano chords to emphasise the after-beat, the second and fourth beats of every measure rather than the first and third. 1956 also saw Beckford working with Clement "Sir Coxsone" Dodd. They were often spending long hours in the studio rehearsing and experimenting with this new rhythm. Eventually they produced 'Easy Snapping', which was recorded with the help of Clue J and the Blues Blasters. Dodd initially retained the song on acetate as a dub-plate for his Downbeat sound system, and it proved to be highly popular among the lawn dance crowd. Despite Beckford's pleas to release the record to the public, Coxsone held onto the tune for the best part of 3 years, before finally releasing the single in 1959. The song became an instant hit, skyrocketing to number one and remaining on the charts for an unparalleled 18 months. Many argue that ska and consequently Jamaican music began with this song. While the more conservative would argue that it is somewhere between ska and American R&B, its influence however is indisputable.
As is always the way with these stories, Beckford saw little substantial evidence of "Easy Snappin's" success. He received no royalties for either the song's initial Jamaican release, or its re-release on the English Blue Beat label. Despite this he continued to release more tracks for Dodd, including "Georgia and the Old Shoes," "Jack and Jill Shuffle," and "Tell Them, Little Lady," but in the early '60s he severed his ties with Downbeat, as immortalized on the song, "Mr. Downpressor."Beckford then recorded vocal tracks for King Edwards, Duke Reid, and Prince Buster, and provided piano backing for many popular ska acts. He still did not see the financial reward he felt he deserved and in 1963 he formed his own King Pioneer label. Now in total control of his music he released some of his own Jamaican folk material, as well as records by Basil Gabbidon, Lloyd Clarke, and the Tennors. Although his adaptation of the folksong 'Boller Man A Come' was popular, most King Pioneer material failed to become hits.
As ska gave way to rocksteady, and then became reggae, Beckford continued to get regular work as a session musician. He recorded for Lee Perry, Bunny Lee, and for Leslie Kong as one of the Beverly's All Stars house band. He also backed such vocalists as Toots & the Maytals, Desmond Dekker, and Eric "Monty" Morris. Beckford also became a musical arranger for Duke Reid, Joe Gibbs, Bunny Lee, and Leslie Kong; and, in 1978, played himself in a cameo for the film Rockers.
By the mid-'80s though the digital revolution was taking hold. The need for session musicians in the studio was virtually nonexistent, and though he continued to perform live, Beckford was now finding it hard to make ends meet. By the end of his life he felt he was only surviving "by the grace of God and the assistance of a few friends."
In 1991 things looked like they might be on the turn as he participated in The Beat Goes On: 35 Years In The Business Shows by Studio One in Kingston's National Arena, though nothing in the end was forth coming. The following year must have been especially hard for him as his old hit "Easy Snappin'" was used in a 1992 European TV ads campaign, and yet once again he received no royalties.
In 2000, he was honoured in the King Omar's annual Tribute to the Great show, however again he could not revel in this appreciation for long. On February 19, 2001, Beckford went to the Callaloo Mews section of Kingston to settle a dispute, and after an altercation with an unidentified man he was killed by a hatchet wound to the head. He was 65.
This as with so many is a rather sad end to a man who gave so much to Jamaican music and was perhaps never really appreciated in the way he should have been, but whom without his experimentation with rhythm we may never of had the reggae sounds of today.

DJ Mikey J - Interview

Mikey, you are currently a DJ for Radio Ceredigion in Aberystwyth Wales, have you always lived and worked in this area?

No. I moved to Wales from London in about 1990. I took early retirement from British Telecom, used the lump sum to buy a derelict property in Aberarth, & I’ve
Been rebuilding it ever since.

Where did your interest in reggae come from?

Well I was working with a Trinidadian guy, and went to a lot of blues & house parties in the early 70’s. Then the “Tighten Up" series of lp's was released by Trojan, so it kind of grew from there, but I was more into calypso and soca at first though, as I was working as a driver/roadie/sound engineer with a band called Masquerade. I also did their disco - Pirate Sound, and then pirate radio JBC in Harlsden, then an African station, WLIB, and finally ended up on Eddy Grant’s station ICE FM. I also did some club work at Dougie’s Night Club (Harlsden) & a club in Hendon called Melanie’s. Thus, reggae became a necessity.

Which artists do you like and admire most?

I would have to say the band called "Israel Vibration”. They all suffered from polio, but overcame that, then suffered for their belief in Rastafari, as family and friends turned against them. They wrote & performed some great roots tracks. I also really like Luciano's material, in fact all the roots performers. Some of the dancehall music was good in the digital 80’s, but there were some very slack lyrics, not as bad as some of the later ragga dancehall stuff, but definitely not suitable for radio!

Is there a big scene in Wales, I know of Smokes Like A Fish, and Dirty Revolution, both of whom are more 2 Tone based, but is there much of reggae scene in Wales?

In the Ceredigion area dub reggae is quite big; we have the bands Subtronix, Zion Train & Powersteppers. Also the Angel in Aberystwyth has a reggae night, usually on Thusdays from 10.00pm until 4.00am with various dj’s playing all styles of reggae.

Have you or the radio ever thought about 'podcasting' your shows, so that they can reach a wider audience? I am sure there would be quite a bit of interest.

None of The shows are podcast as yet, but hopefully there is always a possibility of that in the future.

Anything you'd like to say?

Thanks Karl well actually there is. I’d just like to say a big thanks to the Springline, Reality Shock family, Do the Dog, Rockers Revolt and all the other small independent labels that send me music, I couldn't do it without you.
All the best - Mikey J

So if you are ever in the vicinity of Aberystwyth do try and tune in to Mikey J’s shows on Radio Ceredigion 96.6-97.4 and 103.3 FM between 10pm and 12am Saturdays and Sundays, also pop along to the Angel on a Thursday for some top flight reggae entertainment!

Saturday Melting Pot - All styles pure reggae.

Sunday Melting Pot - Worldwide - Mystery Tour.

Radio Ceredigion was established in December 1992, to broadcast over the West Coast of Wales on 103.3, 96.6 and 97.4FM.
Radio Ceredigion is a bilingual Station which reflects the needs of the local communities. It is based at The Old School, in Aberystwyth, which houses three studios.
In March 1997 Radio Ceredigion began broadcasting on 97.4FM, reaching the Teifi Valley, North Carmarthenshire and North Pembrokeshire.
Radio Ceredigion is a station that talks to its listeners and tries to cater for most age groups, at sometime during the day. The play list is wide ranging with a variety of musical styles ranging from Welsh Pop and Traditional Dance, Garage, Rock, Jazz, Country and Western and Classical, with regional news, weather and up to date travel news and flood watch.
Radio Ceredigion has firmly established itself as part of everyday life in West Wales, with a 46% share of weekly listening.

The Bodysnatchers

Seeing as the Specials have decided to reform for some special 30th anniversary gigs this year it got me wondering as to who would make a good support act, and I thought how about if this group of lovely ladies was to give it one more go. I think they were regarded as rather a novelty at the time, but they’d make a great party band in my humble opinion and they were also the only 2-Tone group to be really true to the ska and rocksteady sounds of 60’s Jamaica. I unfortunately never got to see this band live but did catch them as The Belle Stars, supporting Madness on the 7 tour before they went all Iko Iko, So lets hear it for another invasion of The Bodysnatchers!

The following piece was taken from the website This is a great site for all things 2-Tone related, so if you like your music with black & white squares take a look you won’t be disappointed.

The Bodysnatchers - A ProfileThe main instigator behind The Bodysnatchers was fruit and vegetable seller Nicky Summers. Nicky had caught The Specials at an early gig at the Moonlight Club in London and was totally bowled over not only by the music but also by the fact that the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves so much. So impressed by The Specials was Nicky that she immediately set about forming a band. She placed an ad in the music press for like-minded musicians (The famous story of the replies to the Rude Girls Wanted ad has become a fable within 2 Tone circles) and things soon started to gather pace. At first the band was a 4 piece but soon expanded to a 7 piece. Among the line up were a civil servant, a fashion designer, a lifeguard, a secretary, a freelance illustrator and a schoolgirl. As wide and varied as this group of people may have been they did have one thing in common; they could either just about play their instruments or for others it was as case of not been able to play them at all. Of those who could just about manage a few notes they were either self-taught or were given the occasional lesson by boyfriends etc and for those who couldn’t play at all they just "learned to play as they went along". Now that the line up was complete there was the matter of a name for the group and what material to play. They decided on the name Bodysnathers because they said "the music is body snatching" but deciding on what material to play was less straightforward. Although they had taken inspiration from The Specials and it was indeed their intention to play ska in its new 2 Tone form they found the pace of ska was too much for such an inexperienced group of ‘musicians’. Instead they opted for a slower style in the form of rocksteady. Now that the band had found a style of music within their somewhat limited capabilities they collected together a number of songs, which would give the band a set to play live. They choose some old reggae/ska songs to cover such as Monkey Spanner, OO7 and a song, which was to become their first single, Let’s Do Rocksteady. Also among their early set lists was a reggae version of London Bridge Is Falling Down. Once they were confident enough they composed their first original song, 'The Boiler'. The band got their first gig in November of 1979 at the Windsor Castle pub in London and at only their second gig were asked by The Selecter to support the band on their forthcoming tour. By the end of 1979 the nation was well and truly in the grip of 2 Tone fever and it wasn’t longer before the music press was suggesting that The Bodysnatchers would be the labels next signing. So with only a few months experience behind them they were indeed signed to the label. Their signing didn’t exactly meet with universal approval within the 2 Tone camp, with some voicing concern about what lay in future for such an inexperienced band. Here was a band that by their own admission were not competent musicians and they were about to jump under the media spotlight which was waiting patiently for the labels first failure. The Dandy Livingstone song, Let’s Do Rocksteady, was the choice for the bands debut single. For the b-side the band selected an original composition, Ruder Than You and producer on both tracks was Roger Lomas who was working with Bad Manners at the time. While the band were on tour with The Selecter the single entered the charts at number 44 and peaked at number 16 which earned them an appearance on Top Of The Pops. With a single in the charts and the 2 Tone connection the band received moderate media coverage and made the occasional television appearance such as the 'So it Goes' programme were the Sex Pistols had made their television debut 4 years previously. The band also managed an appearance on 'Tis’was', the madcap Saturday morning children’s TV series where guests would feature extensively throughout each episode. Madness earned themselves a lifetime ban after their antics on the show. The band also found time to record a session for John Peel who had been a fan of 2 Tone from its inception.

The band had signed a 2 single deal with 2 Tone and for the second release an original was selected, Easy Life, and this time a cover version would appear on the b-side. The track chosen was Winston Francis' Too Experienced and the resulting track stayed faithful to the original. Although the band were pleased with the single and it certainly deserved a higher position chart than it received (50), by this stage of 1980 2 Tone was beginning to loose its appeal with the record buying public. The Selecter had announced that they were quitting the label as they felt that 2 Tone had lost direction and with the labels next signing The Swinging Cats becoming the first 2 Tone single to miss the charts completely it was obvious that the label was no longer the force it once was. The band soldiered on regardless and managed a short headlining tour of their own and picked up the support slot on the Toots and the Maytals tour but by October 1980 the band had played their last gig at Camden’s Music Machine in London. The band cited ‘musical differences’ for their decline with some wanting to take a more political stance while others wanted to follow a more pop orientated career. Rhoda and Nicky had intended to work together after the split but the idea came to nothing while 4 other band members found some success in the form of 'The Belle Stars'. They recruited vocalist Jenny McKeown, bass player Lesley Shore and keyboard player Clare Hurst then set about recording a debut single, 'Hiawatha', which was actually an old Bodysnatchers original. The single didn’t exactly set the world on fire and it wasn’t until the band's fourth single, 'Iko Iko', that the band made a dent in the national chart. They did manage an appearance on Channel 4’s music programme, The Tube, along with fellow ex 2 Toners’ Fun Boy Three, with both bands featuring in the brief retrospective on 2 Tone which was included in that particular episode. They continued to release singles including yet another Bodysnatchers track, 'Miss World', included on a 4 track EP, all of which met with limited success. The single, Sign of the Times, was their biggest hit but even this couldn’t save their career and their label, Stiff, soon dropped them. Rhoda’s proposed band may have failed to materialise but she did go on to release a single with what remained of the Specials, The Special AKA. Rhoda had guested on The Specials second album and was more or less a member of the band throughout 1981, both performing live with them and appearing on Top of the Pops to promote The Specials second number 1, Ghost Town. She released the old Bodysnatchers song The Boiler under the title of Rhoda and The Special AKA which given its’ subject matter was never going to be a chart hit. Rhoda had been performing live with The Specials prior to their split and Jerry Dammers was working on the song with the intention of releasing it before the split was announced, and in fact the track became part of The Specials live set. Rhoda became one of the few permanent members of Dammers next project The Special AKA sharing vocal duties with Stan Campbell. After the demise of The Special AKA Rhoda kept a very low profile
although she did make the occasional guest appearance with artists such as Palm Skin Productions.

The Bodysnatchers were:
Rhoda Dakar - Vocals
Nicky Summers - Bass
Stella Barker -Rhythm Guitar
SJ Owen - Lead Guitar
Pennie Leyton - Keyboards
Jane Summers * - Drums
Miranda Joyce - Saxophone

* later replaced by Judy Parsons


Scaredy Cat Ska in South East London

The Scaredy Cats are a ska band from South-East London, who have set up a new night at Dirty South in Lewisham....... "Daddy Was A Bankrobber"

Every Tuesday there will be a free DJ night, with great local DJs playing their favourite ska, reggae, rocksteady music.

The last Tuesday of every month will see great live bands, selected by The Scaredy Cats, and these nights are £4. This sounds well worth a look if you are in the area.

Top Events in the UK & Eire This Month

Thursday 5th February
Ital Love Dub Sessions presents King Earthquake with warm up from Miss Polly & MC Tappa Roots + downstairs Ital Love & friends, @ the Volks, Madeira Drive, Brighton. 10pm - 3am. / £5 b4 12am

Saturday 7th February
Bob Marley’s Earthday Celebration 2009 - Dub inna Pub and Pangaea Sound System present..... 4 rooms of live dub, reggae, ska, jungle, and dancehall. This is a charity event raising funds for Amurt – Romania ft. Reality Shock & The Upper Cut Band - piece live reggae band also featuring 7 singers + Freetown 6 piece live ska/rocksteady band + many more
@ Newcastle University Students' Union – 10pm / £10 adv
Info: 07967 326 812 / more Bob Marley events

Saturday 7th February
Mandinka & Perfect Purple in association with ACA Luton & BBC Children in Need presents Salute to the Wailers : The Story of Jamaica’s 1st Super Group starring Perfect Purple alongside Luton’s brightest stars of tomorrow. @ the Grove Theatre, Grove Park, Court Drive, Luton, Dunstable, LU5 4GP. Tickets from 01582 602 080. Doors 7pm / Show time 8pm -11:30pm / £15.50 - £17.50
Info: 01582 452 126 / facebook

This show brings together young people from across Bedfordshire, providing a platform for our positive youth to take a stand against gun & knife crime and post-code disputes. more Bob Marley events

Wednesday 11th February
The Wailers @ the Academy, 57 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin, √Čire. 19.30h

Friday 13th February
Dub in the Pub presents a Valentines / Bob Marley birthday special with special guest Yammi (ISUS 2K) + residents Dubcentral playing the best in Roots, Dub and Culture! @ the Harley, 334 Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2HW. 10 til very late, £3
Info: regular event / Yammi / Dubcentral

Friday 13th February
Valentines Special ft. Upsetters, Wayne Irie, Little Richie, Merritone, Claire Angel + special appearance from Jam Jah Sound @ the Function Suite (ex-Sensations) Moseley Road, Birmingham. Despite the clumsy wording of the flyer... all welcome! (don't have the flyer so not sure what this means) DRESS CODE: black and white, ballgowns a must. Tickets: Jibbering Records
£15 +BF admits 2

Saturday 21st February
Dubwise Meetings feat Rootical Sound System, Dub Investigation, Harry J & the Conspiracy @ theBlack Box, Dyke Road, Galway City, √Čire. Info: flyer / myspace
€15 / $12 @ Town Hall Theatre

Saturday 28th February
Ital & Vital Reggae Sessions with Resident: Rasric & Rebel Control live @ the Lansdown, Lewes, BN7 1EU, East Sussex. 8 til late myspace