Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Road Man


You simply must check out the re release of this majestic trip
It's Pyschedelic Reggae in fine style...
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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mellow Moon

Mayd Hubb meets Joe Pilgrim

Following the release of their full-length studio album "Mellowmoon" in 2012, Mayd Hubb & Joe Pilgrim find themselves in a continuous orbit of the earth, captivating audiences with their undeniably original and energetic live performance. While combining organic elements with interstellar soundscapes and conscious lyrics, they create a unique musical fusion which encompasses the earth, moon and stars, guiding their listeners on a journey into higher dimensions. Their steady contributions to the international dub scene have rightly earned them a dedicated following worldwide, and beyond. This dynamic duo truly knows no borders!

We are in the bottom of the lake ,
See, the moonlight brights over:
Horu light !

For our people, at the first, his a light way !
Certain ... bridge... is there.
We are in the bottom of the lake between two worlds ...
And a certain brightness is shinning over me
On the mellowmoon, who touch my heart.

In that touch the hearts bright
Man ! touch hearts bright
In that touch your heart brights, yeah !!
In that touch hearts bright

When the brightness is shinning over us
and I feel the moon in the aera of my home .

Brother time get a come
Get be read'a read' !
Stand firm, read'a read ! Firm !
Brother Man get a come
Get read'a read' !
Stand firm, read'a read !

After brightness was shinning over me !
In the mellowmoon, yeah !
It's comes to talk to my soul.
Where's the bridge between visible and invisible worlds ?

Braveheart get a come
Get to be read'a read' !
Stand firm, read'a read ! Firm !

Brother Man Sister woman link by the heart
By physical and universal rules
Brother man Sister Woman live the life
between visible and invisible wolds
Brother Man Sister Woman unite your conception
in one love, one way, universally !
Yes, Man respect Woman treat her better
'cause she's the key of all humanity .

When the brightness is shinning over us .
There's a mellowmoon who came to heal !
Heal the Brother heart !

No matter your condition
with the touch heart rise, in that touch the heart rises !
No matter your conception, no matter your religion
in that touch the hearts rise up rise up

Mellow Moon
Mayd Hubb with Joe Pilgrim

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Featuring the track "World Of The Wasteless"
(the most requested track on Gibsy Rhodes' Kings Of The Underground Radio show)

Music By Dub Caravan
The originator of the Dub Caravan project is Felix Russ Abu - an artist, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer who is striving to create a multi-dimensional musical landscape for listeners craving something fresh, original and out-of-this-world…
This atypical Caravan (project) of sounds is of a nomadic nature and is in constant motion. It isn’t bound to a single location, country or city. Dub Caravan continuously wanders around the world in pursuit of recruiting poets, singers, musicians and other artists from various cultures and countries in order to concoct new and original exotic sounds...
Members/partakers of the Dub Caravan project jump on and off as they please but always remain part of the Caravan. Being a member of this project is about belonging to something special without being bound to it. It’s organic, natural and free flowing…
In theory, the music of Dub Caravan is not associated with any particular style but it is heavily influenced by the dub and reggae music of the 70’s, world Beat, ambient, chill out,  jazz, punk rock and ethnic music particularly from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Far East...

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The majority of the tracks on this compilation were big download hits in the early 00s at the original mp3.com website. They also appeared on the three Mind's Eye Dub albums for mp3.com: 'Mind's Eye', 'Mystic' and 'De Jah Vu'. We are treated with several unforgettable melodies here, most of them played on the melodica: timeless, majestic, reggae instrumentals recorded on a Fostex cassette portastudio!

All these tunes were played during Manwel Tabone's Reggae Club show on Radio Malta. Two dub plates mixed especially for that programme, plus a vocal contribution from the great MC Trooper that was recorded live during the Dread Connexion show, are released for the first time on this album. Dread Connexion was a Sunday night live internet show originating from England, and MC Trooper was the resident toaster there. 'Nuff Respect' was recorded over the internet, so recording quality is not perfect, but the track is a scorcher! Nuff vibes and energy on this one!

Mp3.com was one of the first places on the net that offered free legal downloads and it helped many artists to establish themselves beyond the boundaries of their countries of origin. The tracks on this set introduced Mind's Eye Dub to the international reggae fans. This is a reintroduction, and a nostalgic trip for old Mind's Eye Dub,Reggae Club, and Dread Connexion fans! Go deh!

Manwel T (Dubkey Records)

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