Sunday, March 25, 2012

‘Fashion In Fine Style: Significant Hits Volume One’

Fashion Records was a UK reggae record label founded in the summer of 1980 by John MacGillivray and Chris Lane and was essentially a spin-off from MacGillivray's Clapham based Dub Vendor record store. The label was one of the more successful labels of this kind and even breached the UK national charts when cheeky cockney MC Smiley Culture scored a #12 hit with ‘Police Officer’ in 1984. As well as UK artists they went on to record with many top Jamaican vocalists who came over to the UK including Junior Delgado, Frankie Paul, Glen Brown, Alton Ellis and Johnnie Clarke among others. In the ‘90s the success continued with a string of successful releases in Jamaica and the US from artists such as Peter Hunnigale, Sanchez, General Degree, Cutty Ranks and Janet Lee Davis, but come the end of that decade the label became inactive and has been that way until now with the announcement of re-launching their formidable back catalogue digitally.

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The Bristol Reggae Explosion is back with a third volume. Whilst still happily exploring what was happening in the city during the 1980s, they’ve bent the rules a little to included a lone track from 1979, this third volume is just as strong as the previous two which is an amazing achievement when you consider that 11 of the 15 tracks are previously unreleased!

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stand High Patrol – Midnight Walkers

Stand High Patrol formed just over 10yrs ago in Britany (France) when two guys, Rootystep (selecta) and MacGyver (operator), decided to create a sound system so they could share their passion for roots and early digital reggae. They were soon joined by MC Pupa Jim and started touring their homeland, building their reputation and gradually developing their own style and sound through several releases on 7 and 12inch and now have just unleashed their d├ębut eclectic, dynamic and varied long player..

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lee Perry and The Upsetters - High Plains Drifter

Lee Perry has had his works collated and represented on umpteen compilations over the years but this brand new album from Pressure Sounds, featuring the Upsetters and covering the period from 1968 to 1973, is probably the first shall we say new collection of his work many will have heard for a long time. The reasons for this is that despite these cuts being around 40years old what we have are 20 undocumented singles (including one dub plate) that for whatever reason never made it out of Jamaica.

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