Thursday, December 29, 2011

Boom One Sound System - Japanese Translations In Dub

Boom One Sound System (BOSS) is a group of American songwriters, beat creators and entertainers, who formed in 2009 and use current events as a catalyst to help them fuse the elements of dub, hip-hop and electronica to create unique beats with heavy bass lines and synthesizing rhythms that merge with influences of world music.

This collective have performed across the USA, Canada and Japan and have now released their debut EP, on the Dutch label TerraLogica Records, titled 'Japanese Translations in DUB', four songs that were inspired by their last tour in Japan and the tsunami that happened there in early 2011.

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Foundation Dub Engineer Yabass & Springline's Gibsy form new Imprint..

Underground foundation dub artist and engineer Yabass along with Springline's Gibsy have set up their own publishing imprint to caretake all releases from Yabass Yaba Radics and associate collaborations featuring the engineers dub music.
All releases from the imprint will be put out under the SpringlineRecords umbrella. 

First album release is already out on CD with the Download version due out end of January.
The CD features 8 brand new dubs all recorded during the run up to Christmas.
"Guns Down The Obeah At OK Corral Centrale"
can be purchased as CD from Here
Engineered and Mixed by Yabass Yaba Radics
Produced by Paul 'Gibsy' Gibbs
with Executive Production credits going to Steve Leclair and Karl Pearson
Listeners to the album will discover a new found clarity of sound quality that
the team have been honing for quite some time.
Gibsy; "We want Come Fi Conquer to have it's own trademark sound quality and mix style that's instantly
recognisable to listeners and fans of the early eighties era in reggae, the sparse dubs and down tempo
dancehall riddim styles from '81 through to '84 and Yaba has been working flat out during the past months getting his sound right, now we're ready" 
A second release is already underway entitled 'Jah Jah Come Again'
a one riddim special featuring special guests from the underground.
To hear a version from the 'Jah Jah Come Again' riddim special Click Here
To hear a tune from the "Guns Down The Obeah.." CD Click Here
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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ashley's Land Of Dub

What interests me when listening to dub music today and it’s many sub genres is when I get to hear the more unusual approaches to mixing and instrument choice applied to album works, the use of instruments not usually heard in reggae for example, the use of speed and pitch shift controls on synths and keyboards, forward and reverse mixing and plenty usage from an array of unusual percussive instruments such as Glockenspiel and Xylophone style sounds and exotic stringed instruments like the Sitar, well, 'Land Of Dub' by Ashley has all these and more.........

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Roots Temple Dubplates Showcase On SJR

Wednesday December 21st at 7PM GMT
SpringlineJamaica Radio is putting on a special 3 hour show
for the Roots Temple stable and their brand new album release
with proceeds from sales to the Japan earthquake/tsunami appeal fund.
The whole show will be looped for a few days afterwards for listener convenience.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dance Craze - The Original 2-Tone Book

Hey you, don’t read that, read THIS! This is the heavy, heavy monster book, the nuttiest read around! It’s 

also the only introduction you’ll ever need to the boss sound of the 1980s: THE SPECIALS! MADNESS! THE BEAT! BAD MANNERS! THE SELECTER! and The BODYSNATCHERS! 
With a saucy portion of Judge Dread thrown in for good measure...

Researcher Paul Hallam had this to say about the book....

"Basically it’s the text from the 1981 (Dance Craze) magazine, with postscripts epilogues and much more. Several pages at the back taken from sounds of that era - dress like a rude boy for under a tenner - coach trips to marakesh for £30.00 (how long did that take in 1980?), and 30 plus unseen pictures taken by photographer David Arnoff in Los Angeles 1980 of the Specials/Madness/Selecter and The Beat." 

It’s in HMV stores from Monday 12th December and online to pre-order now at Facebook and Acid Jazz

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dub Vision - Counter Attack

“Never judge a book by its cover” is how an old saying goes and that is definitely the case here for this album with its cheery cartoon cover of three Mafiosi looking types flying a helicopter while blasting out, what I presume is this album, at people dancing in the street below and with a band name Dub Vision may lead you to expect all different types of things from those of what you actually get.

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Bring Out The 7s

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

SpringlineRecords Set To Release 200 Digital 7s In 2012

In an attempt to finally categorize and make available it's back catalogue Springline embarks on a bold 200 digital singles release project for 2012 with it's own mp3 download store.
Springline is known for it's love of today's underground reggae and dub scene, the true home made reggae and dub sounds that have been created from a broad spectrum of nationalities under the guise of artist and/or producer.
Springline has released since 2007 14 albums and a few dozen singles plus a couple or three private press promo CDs, all these tunes plus the couple of hundred or so unreleased in archive will selectively be finding themselves exclusively released as a single and each single will be allocated to one of the 9 subsidiary labels operated by Springline and by doing so the whole catalogue will be available and presented in coherent uniform.
There will be of course be a few tunes that wont be appearing on a single release
either due to contractual obligations or due to mastering problems
but I'm told Springline will be starting off with 200 cuts!
Check the SR website for more info
Amongst the more wider known tunes that have appeared in the past on the label there will be quite a few lost and hidden gems plus newer cuts from artists recently acquired.
From mid February 2012 the new Springline store and its digi 7s collection will be launched.