Thursday, December 8, 2011

Dance Craze - The Original 2-Tone Book

Hey you, don’t read that, read THIS! This is the heavy, heavy monster book, the nuttiest read around! It’s 

also the only introduction you’ll ever need to the boss sound of the 1980s: THE SPECIALS! MADNESS! THE BEAT! BAD MANNERS! THE SELECTER! and The BODYSNATCHERS! 
With a saucy portion of Judge Dread thrown in for good measure...

Researcher Paul Hallam had this to say about the book....

"Basically it’s the text from the 1981 (Dance Craze) magazine, with postscripts epilogues and much more. Several pages at the back taken from sounds of that era - dress like a rude boy for under a tenner - coach trips to marakesh for £30.00 (how long did that take in 1980?), and 30 plus unseen pictures taken by photographer David Arnoff in Los Angeles 1980 of the Specials/Madness/Selecter and The Beat." 

It’s in HMV stores from Monday 12th December and online to pre-order now at Facebook and Acid Jazz

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