Tuesday, September 30, 2008


"Version City Sanitation"

At the Knitting Factory, 74 Leonard Street, New York, NY 10013
On Stage

UK ska - swing - jazz

Tampa, FL old-school ska - reggae - soul

NJ mostly-instrumental ska

Woodstock, NY female-fronted reggae band

NJ rock/reggae

With your host and selector JAH POINT


This event is held the first Saturday of every month check with

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

INFO: 01132 433414 / 0776 4208202

Friday, September 19, 2008

U Roy - The Originator

Celebrating his birthday this month, here is a BIG UP to Daddy U Roy

U-Roy was born Ewart Beckford on 21st September 1942, in Jones Town, Jamaica. It is believed he received his famous moniker from a young family member who was unable to correctly pronounce Ewart and this nickname stuck. Also known as The Originator, he is credited as being a pioneer of toasting, the precursor to rapping.
U-Roy's musical career began in 1961 as he DJ'ed at various sound systems, Doctor Dickie's Dynamite sound system, Sir Mike the Musical Thunderstorm, Sir George the Atomic sound system, before he became a DJ for Sir Coxsone Dodd operating the Number Two set, in around 1968 / '69 while King Stitt "The Ugly One" ran the main set. He soon tired of playing second fiddle to Stitt, and he returned to Sir George. Also Around this same time working as a disc cutter at Duke Reid's studio, but he was also experimenting with his equipment, in the process of inventing dub and these experimental proto-dub discs he was giving away to a handful of his favourite DJs.
The following year, King Tubby launched his own Hi-Fi sound system and brought in U-Roy as his top DJ. By then, the DJ had established himself as one of the premier talents of the sound system scene. Producer Keith Hudson however was the first to recognize the recording possibilities of U-Roy and took him into the studio in late 1969 to cut the song "Dynamic Fashion Way". With its success he then went and worked with almost every producer on the island: Lee Perry, Peter Tosh, Bunny Lee, Phil Pratt, Sonia Pottinger, Rupie Edwards, Alvin Ranglin and Lloyd Daley.
For Lee Perry he was paired with Peter Tosh and recorded "Selassie," a version of Ras Michael & the Sons of Negus' "Ethiopian National Anthem." The single was originally credited to the Reggae Boys and on its later reissue, under the title "(Earth's) Rightful Ruler". The song was credited to Peter Tosh and Hugh Roy, a spelling the DJ would stick with for the next several years. U-Roy cut one more single with Perry "O.K. Corral". For Bunny Lee, he cut "King of the Road", and with producer Lloyd Daley he recorded two singles, "Scandal" and "Sound of the Wise," which like their predecessors, created a stir amongst the grassroots sound system crowds, but barely registered beyond them.
In 1970, that was all about to change as the singer John Holt became charmed with U-Roy's technique. He was attending a sound system party and caught U-Roy DJing. The singer was blown away, not least of all because the toaster was exhorting the enthusiastic crowd over his own hit "Wear You to the Ball."
The next day Holt went to see Duke Reid and adamantly stated that the producer must record the DJ. Reid was persuaded and U-Roy was promptly put into the studio to cut two songs, over classic Treasure Isle singles, of course. The first release was "Wake the Town", a version of Alton Ellis' "Girl I've Got a Date", and the tune did exactly as the title said, and an aroused the Jamaican record buying public, who swiftly sent the single to the top of the charts. The next song was "Rule the Nation," a cut over the Techniques' "Love Is Not a Gamble," and that single was as popular as the first. The next follow-up was, "Wear You to the Ball" which also went stratospheric. All three songs went down so well that for a month and a half, this trio of tunes stood triumphantly at all top three spots in the Jamaican charts. U-Roy went on to cut another 29 songs with Reid, all versions of Treasure Isle's most beloved singles. Every producer in town was now vying to record DJs, pillaging through their back catalogues for appropriate riddims. U-Roy's had got the ball rolling for the DJ style and with this came a flood of young hopefuls, Dennis Alcapone, I- Roy, Big Youth, Scotty, Lizzy, U-Roy Junior (no relation), and many, many others. U-Roy himself would never again place three singles at the top of the chart, but he continued to have smash hits and made his way happily around the studios.
Some of the more notable songs he recorded were a couple of tunes for producer Alvin Ranglin, including "Way Down South" (a version of Billy Dyce's hit "Take Warning") and "Nana Banana." Working with Glen Brown, he cut "Number One in the World" over the much-versioned "Dirty Harry" riddim, while also recording intriguing offerings for Niney Holness and Lloyd Daley. In 1975, U-Roy teamed up once again with Bunny Lee, cutting a number of songs with the producer, but he is perhaps most famously remembered for the LP "Dread in a Babylon" backed by the Skin, Flesh & Bones Band. It was produced by "Prince" Tony Robinson and released by major label Virgin, and its iconic picture of him disappearing in a thick cloud of cannabis smoke, while holding a chalice. There was also another famous 'smoking' song called "Chalice in the Palace", in which he fantasies about smoking with Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace.
U-Roy was now reaching the peak of his power. His toasts were totally relaxed conversational, and flowed perfectly with the riddimss. He didn't just spit a few phrases here and there, he rode the riddim from the starting gate to the last furlong. He was also gaining a significant following in the U.K, and in August 1976, visited Britain for the first time. He performed at the London Lyceum, backed by the always excellent Revolutionaries, and the 1978 a Live EP was drawn from this exceptional show. Back in Jamaica, U-Roy began recording his new album, Rasta Ambassador, filling the studio with musicians and singers, 15 strong in all. The Gladiators provided particularly sonorous backing vocals, while the band, led by the riddim team of Sly & Robbie, created a deep roots sound appropriate to the album's title and accentuated by Robinson's deeply dubby production. Never a man to rest on his laurels, U-Roy Somehow found time in his busy schedule to launch his own sound system, Stur-Gav, that year. He also continued to run his own labels, Del-Ma and Mego-Ann, which the DJ had set up a few years back. 1978 brought a new album, Jah Son of Africa, arguably U- Roy's best. Again, a deeply rootsy outing; with a superb supporting cast (this time the Gladiators were joined by Ken Boothe), the album showcased the DJ at his cultural height. It was to be his final album for Virgin.
By the early 1980s U-Roy had become one of the Jamaica's biggest stars; hero of the DJ scene and with also strong critical acclaim in the UK he was now beginning to get international attention via a totally unexpected source....The American soul-lite duo Hall & Oates. Who surprisingly enough recorded a cover of the DJ's hit "Soldering" on their eponymous album.
Also the early 80's brought troubled times as in the run-up to the 1980 election, Stur-Gav fell victim of the violence that swept Jamaica and the sound system was destroyed. Undeterred, U-Roy re-launched it the following year and brought in new DJs, including up and coming stars Josey Wales and Charlie Chaplin. U-Roy also dueted with Wales, for the amusing Teacher Meets the Student, whose tracks date from around this period. Perhaps however with all his sound system, labels, and live appearances the DJ was taking on too much as his next album, "Love Is Not a Gamble" showed a sharp decline in standards. U-Roy seemed to recognize this and subsequently his recorded output slowed to a trickle of singles. He did, however, continue to perform live and on-stage, where his power and presence remained undiminished. In 1982, he appeared at Reggae Sunsplash for the first time. In 1983, the DJ was behind the superb King Stur-Gav Hi Fi Lee Unlimited album, a live session recorded at his own sound system that featured a clutch of crucial DJs from Dillinger to the young Beenie Man, his two favorite protégés Charlie Chaplin and Josey Wales, as well as U-Roy himself. The follow-up, King Stur-Gav Sounds Live at Clarendon J.A., amazingly doesn't feature U-Roy at all, except in the capacity of selector. The next year brought the excellent "Hustling" single, cut for producer Gussie Clarke, "Get Ready" recorded for Ossie Thomas, and a return engagement at Reggae Sunsplash that year, and again in 1985. U Roy then dropped out of sight for the next two years before returning with a vengeance to recording in 1987. He first teamed up with Tappa Zukie for the "Line Up and Come" album. This was a stunning return to form that cruelly gained little notice. He also released a solo LP called "Music Addict". This was overseen by Prince Jazzbo. Unfortunately however, halfway through "Music Addict", the DJ seemed to run out of steam, and U-Roy once again lapsed into an extended silence, at least in the studio; he found his voice for Reggae Sunsplash the next summer, though, and kept it well exercised for another appearance in 1990.
The next year he was back in London, foe a live performance at London's Hammersmith Palais. During all this time though, the DJ he had continued to steer clear of the recording studio. Until U.K. producer Mad Professor managed to coax him back for "True Born African". 1991 also saw Virgin release the Natty Rebel — Extra Version album, which pulled tracks from both "Natty Rebel" and "Jah Son of Africa", and also included the Live EP. A limited edition three-CD box set "Three From the Frontline" appeared this same year, and bundled together "Version of Wisdom", "Rasta Ambassador", and "Natty Rebel — Extra Version".U-Roy has continued recording for the Professor's Ariwa label. "Smile awhile" came out in 1993 and featured a number of guest stars, including Yabby You, Aisha, Sandra Cross, and lovers rock heroine Susan Cadogan. Incidentally, the album's title was inspired by a line from the DJ's old hit "Flashing My Whip" ("smile awhile and give your face a rest"). Also in 1993, the DJ guested on Nolan Irie's album "Work So Hard". U-Roy joined Cadogan again in 1996 for a remake of her classic hit "Hurt So Good," which the DJ had previously versioned on "Smile Awhile". U-Roy also released his own new album that year "Babylon Kingdom Must Fall". Four more years passed before its follow-up hit the shops. "Serious Matter". This LP found the DJ toasting over classic songs, accompanied by a host of veteran vocalists, including the likes of Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, and Horace Andy amongst others, and brought about more of the same the next year in the shape of "Now".
He has continued recording with almost an album of some description released nearly every year, with his latest LP that was still mixed and produced by Mad Professor, "Old School New Rules" released just last year.
Also last year on the October 15th he was awarded 'The Order of Distinction' at the rank of Officer (an award to citizens of Jamaica who are deemed to have rendered outstanding and important service to Jamaica). The Motto of the Order is "Distinction Through Service" and nobody can argue that U Roy has certainly done more than his fair share of distinctive service to reggae music.

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Interview With Horace Panter - Pressuredrop Podmatic

If you are interested in the latest news on what's happening with The Specials then pop into http://pressuredrop.podomatic.com/, where you'll find an interview with Sir Horace Gentlemen, bass player of The Specials. In which he talked about his book, his new single, and of course the long anticipated Specials reunion that has just gone down very well at the rain lashed Bestival on the Isle of White.There is also a nice big set of ska and reggae music spanning multiple eras, with some new and soon to be released tunes as well, along with many other interviews and tunes that are well worth a listen.

Enjoy, I know I did! Downlaod Or Stream

1The Specials - Dawning Of A New Era
2 Hepcat - Train To Skaville
3 The Pepper pots - My Little Girl http://www.myspace.com/thepepperpots
4 TSPO - Latin Scorcher
5 Ska Cubano - Carbaro Del Ritmo
6 The Slackers - Leave Me http://www.theslackers.com/

7 One Night Band - Good Times http://www.myspace.com/theonenightband
8 The Maytones - Billy Goat
9 The Aggrolites - Faster Bullet http://www.arroreggae.com/
10 Firebug - Gimmie Your Love

11 Laurel Aitkin - I Got To Have Your Love
12 Chris Murray Combo - Love Flame www;myspace.com/chrismurray
13 Toots And The Maytals - Shes My Scorcher
14 Alton Ellis - Big Bad Boy
15 The Specials - Gangsters

Interview With Horace Panter

16 The Specials - Man From C&A
17 The Specials - Blank Expression
18 Pama International - Throwaway Society http://www.pamainternational.co.uk/

19 The Specials - A Message To You Rudy
20 Lets Go Bowling - Pinstripe Suit
21 The Donkey Show - Mira Que Sabe
22 K-Mob - Highway 101 http://www.k-mob.net/
23 Babylove & The Van Dangos - Rudeboy http://www.megalithrecords.com/

24 Mungo's Hi-Fi - Under Arrest http://www.rockersrevolt.com/
25 Victor Rice - Brother
26 King Django - Tu Gornisht http://www.stubbornrecords.com/
27 The Skatalites - You're Wondering Now
28 The Specials - It Doesn't Make It Alright

Visit http://www.thespecials.com/
Buy Horace's book: Ska'd for life


"This Could Be The Dawning Of A New Era!"

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It may seem along way off but news of next years SKA SPLASH is starting to leek out.

The event will be held on ........

24th - 26th April at the Embassy Theatre

Skegness, Lincs.

Some details are still to be confirmed, but the line up is gonna be HOT!

Bands to be featured include:-

BIG FAT PANDA (great name)

Tickets are already on sale for the event, and although £70 may sound expensive, I think you'll have to agree with a line up as extensive and great as this so far, it has to be money well spent

New Age Steppers

Last month I posted a biography on Bim Sherman and put some of his tunes on the flashplayer. I received an email about one of the tunes "Dreamers", in which he was supplying the lead vocals for The New Age Steppers, and was asked about who they were. Well not actually knowing much myself, apart from some of the members, and the fact that they were part of the On-U Sound collective, I investigated.
So here is a biography of the band by the name of Steve Barker. I found this biog at on an unofficial On-U Sound tribute site and it is quite interesting. Why not check it out


The On-U Sound 'super-group' that kick-started both album and single releases on the label: An overview by: Steve Barker

The eponymous album debut of the New Age Steppers (NAS) (ON-U LP 1) also provided On-U Sound’s first long player release in January of 1981. In the January of the previous year the band had versioned the Junior Byle’s classic "Fade Away" for the label’s first 7" single (ON-U S 1). Featured on the flip was London Underground with "Learn a Language". As a result NAS have always played a special part in the history of On-U Sound, not only for contributing its debuts in single and album formats, but also for the bringing together of a disparate collection of individuals for the sole purpose of making music - a rationale that On-U was to follow for the following two decades.
Reputedly, the driving force behind the formation of NAS was Arianna Foster a.k.a. Ari Up - the vocalist from the Slits, one of the original "girls with attitude" bands. The Slits, along with other UK outfits like the Clash and the Ruts, felt a close association with the rebel axis of reggae music. For the Slits this link was most creatively manifested in their work with Dennis "Blackbeard" Bovell, a largely unrecognised genius in the area of UK reggae production. Along with Ari came Neneh Cherry, a few years short of her international stardom, step-daughter of jazz legend Don, and mashing up the leftfield indie-funk scene with Rip Rig and Panic. Also from that band were Bruce Smith and Sean "Hogg" Oliver, although drummer Bruce had earlier been a founder member of the controversial Pop Group, as had guitarist John Waddington and vocalist Mark Stewart who was later to produce some of the most radical and brutal music ever to be committed to vinyl in his first two solo albums for On-U.
Keith Levene from Public Image Limited was in the area - but not on the first album. Style Scott from Jamaica’s reining rhythm machine the Roots Radics and George Oban from the UK’s top roots outfit Aswad supplied the drum and bass foundation and credibility for the enterprise. Whereas from the UK, Creation Rebel’s Charlie "Eskimo Fox" and "Crucial" Tony Phillips provided the link with Adrian Sherwood’s previous studio work. Viv Goldman and Vikki Aspinall were both recruited in from the collective that constituted the all-female Rough Trade band, The Raincoats and Steve Beresford was, well Steve Beresford, but perhaps best known for his Flying Lizards association. Technically able to play, inspire, provoke and create - here he was making one of his many appearances on early On-U Sound recordings.
Although I cannot personally testify to this, it is rumoured that in 1980/1981 NAS, together with producer Adrian Sherwood, took seventeen musicians to the BBC Studios in Maida Vale to record a session for the John Peel radio show. Given the penury in which most musicians lived at the time, seventeen lots of Musician's Union fees would no doubt come in handy! [***Ed.: It has recently been suggested by a well informed source that the "session" may, in fact, have been a pre-recorded "private tape" that was supplied by AMS to the show, featuring just 15 unnamed musicians and recorded in 1983...***]
The set of that first album opens with Ari Up's off-centre vocals on the NAS version of Junior Byles' "Fade Away", a tune which the singer had cut for Channel One's JoJo Hookim some five years earlier but which had already achieved the status of a reggae standard. "Crazy Dreams and High Ideals" is one of those songs, which counted as favourite down at On-U and was versioned over time numerous times by others and its author Mark Stewart.
A version of "Animal Space" was originally released as a UK 7" single by the Slits on the Human label and can also be found on their album "Return Of The Giant Slits" on CBS. Bim Sherman’s "Love Forever" is next for the Ari Up treatment with some great spooky on-key screams in the dub towards the track’s close. The set is rounded off by a dub version of Viv Goldman’s overtly political "Private Armies". Viv was better known as a music journalist, mainly for the New Musical Express (NME) music paper rather than a musician. Her only single was "Laundrette" on a Rough Trade 7", which had the vocal version of "Private Armies" as the flip.
The New Age Steppers' and On-U’s debut was also remarkable for another reason, entirely separate from musical context - it boasts art work, by the never-to-be-forgotten Bill Bell (?), which is clearly the daftest in the whole catalogue of the label. The album cover depicts a mock gyrating Elvis hula-hooping a car tyre round his knees and a jeep in his face, aside a giant footballing baby accomplishing a neat "dribble", all this is set in the context of an ever so tasteful red, white and black minimal Soviet neo-constructivist design!
Released in the summer of 1982 "Action Battlefield" (ON-U LP 3) was the NAS's second album for On-U Sound. They were to go on to produce one further set for On-U, 1983’s swansong "Foundation Steppers" (ON-U LP 21), by which time Bim Sherman had more fully entered the scene and was taking the lion’s share of the album’s vocal credits. In reggae terms it could have been presented as a showcase album in the sense that most of the tracks are vocals extended into a dub version - in Jamaica this would have been a thirteen or fourteen track album rather than seven, albeit lengthy, cuts - all a matter of value for money of course!
Ari Up takes the majority of the vocal duties and proceeds to warble and scream in her inimitable fashion through the set’s opener with a version of a tune that is now recognised as a classic - Bim Sherman’s "My Whole World" originally cut by the singer in the seventies and re-versioned in the nineties for his wonderful "Miracle" album. "Observe Life" is a cover of a song penned by ex-Black Uhuru member Michael Rose whereas "Got to Get Away" returns to the rock steady pen of Sherman.
The strangest track on the album is undoubtedly the bizarrely constructed "My Love" a take on a track written by one time Gaylad B.B. Seaton. The production may very well have been crafted for the young vocalist who takes the lead - Neneh Cherry, but what can only be described as a jolly, off-key doo wop is gratefully relieved by the gentle entry of the dub! "Problems" is a Horace Andy oldie, first recorded for Leonard Chin and re-cut massive style later in his career and probably best known as a version from his legendary "In The Light" dub set. Here, a chugging, insistent treatment allows Sherwood (still with hair on the album cover!) some freedom on the desk as does the following track, the set’s only instrumental (except for an unidentified ethnic chant - North London?), "Nuclear Zulu"], which provides a template for some of the future experimentation that was to take place under the banner of African Head Charge.
Reggae classic "Guiding Star" closes affairs, originally penned by Heptone, Leroy Sibbles. This standard provides one of the most enduring rhythm beds of the genre and is perhaps now best remembered via the late Augustus Pablo’s wonderful melodica version. Dub versions to "My Whole World", "Got To Get Away" and "Guiding Star" can all be found on the NAS / Creation Rebel album "Threat To Creation" (ON-U LP 7) as "Painstaker", "Final Frontier" and "Eugenic Device" respectively.
After many dormant years, filled only by a "Massive Hits" compilation (ON-U CD 10) and a limited edition single in Japan, the New Age Steppers, now largely comprising Ari Up, returned to On-U Sound in 2008 for an intended compilation appearance. Times have changed of course and so has the sound, but the 'band' that started it all lives on in our hearts, if not the charts.


Friday, September 12, 2008

WCTD Chapter 7

WCTD will be airing the next chapter of their radio show today Friday 12th Sept.
They will be kicking things off at 7pm (UK).

Here's the running order:

The Captain in session
Bob Marley in dub - Jesus Dread
WCTD heavyweight selection
Prince Far I special pt.1 - Fyah Youth
Prince Far I live 1981
Arrows Hi Fi 1983
Black Emperor Hi Fi 1984
Studio 54 Hi Fi 1985
Jahlovemusic International 1986
King Jammys Superpower 1987

Hope you can join them for an evening of top notch music, if not it will be on a loop 24/7, so there's plenty of opportunity to catch the show....

Many thanks for your time and support...

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Derrick Morgan - Live At The 100 Club London

Yet more news on up and coming shows

Live this Saturday – the legendary......
+ The Reggae Regulars
Saturday 13th September, 2008: 7:30pm-12midnight.
@100 Club, 100 Oxford Street, London W1D 1LL
Tickets: £23.50 in advance from http://www.smartermusic.net/

Derrick Morgan is the first and only Jamaican artist to hold down the top seven slots on the national pop singles chart during the same week, generating a string of smashes including "Be Still," "In My Heart," "Don't Call Me Daddy," "Moon Hop", "Meekly Wait and Murmur Not", "Housewives' Choice" and "Tougher Than Tough," widely credited as the first Rock Steady record.
Derrick also produced many of the era's most notable up-and-comers, among them Bob Marley and Jimmy Cliff and remains a giant of Jamaican music to this day.
Specially reformed: THE REGGAE REGULARS (aka REGGAE REGULAR) Are special guests. Top Reggae from the former Greensleeves recording band of "Where is Jah" fame.


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Launch night for No. 1 Station!

To mark the first release of No. 1 Station for the Rockers Revolt Label, they are holding a Launch Party at the Rhythm Factory, London on Saturday October 4th

Everybody who shows up will recieve a copy of the new album on CD included in the ticket price (Now that's a good deal!!)

Support act: Jimmy The Squirrel (Do The Dog)

DJ's Conal, Amma and Skabeat Pete keep things rocking when the live bands are resting!

For Ticket Details:

SKA, REGGAE & NORTHERN SOUL - Bournemouth Pier

Also launching on Saturday 4th October is a night of

with the best in NORTHERN SOUL venue in town

Bournemouth Pier Northern Soul in Key West Restaurant
Res DJ Steve Lyons (In Crowd Soul Society) + Special Guests: Dennis Hyde and Rick Roberts

Ska, Boss Sounds and Reggae in the Pier Bar.
DJ’s: Lewis (SOS) + (Renegade) Dave + Guest

£5 adv £6 on the door.

Pier Box Office 10am – 3pm Mon – Sat, Mr Kyps Live Music Venue, Velocity Scooters, Wimborne Road, Moordown, The Woodman P/H Branksome. Lewis 07802 631452 - 01202 256498

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Caribbean Moonstomp Festival 2008 - 3rd-5th in Chicago

Jump Up Records' USA are holding a ska / reggae festival

October 3rd to the 5th in Chicago.

ROY ELLIS aka MR SYMARIP will be headlining on the Saturday, with other top acts performing throughout the weekend.

JUMP UP RECORDS is 15 years old this autumn and what better way to celebrate than by organizing another legendary ska / reggae festival!!

The festival takes place at Chicago's charmingly named BOTTOM LOUNGE.
Also Throughout the weekend there will be late nite DJ sets at the club's VOLCANO ROOM by DJ CHUCK WREN. Members of Deal's Gone Bad, and many others. Jamaican Food from the JA' GRILL will be available at the shows as well. Contests, raffles, and more!!

Don't miss the CARIBBEAN MOONSTOMP in Chicago! Advance Tickets and more info at MPSHOWS.COM

More details can be found at: jumpuprecords.com/ www.myspace.com/jumpuprecords

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Having only just posted about the Kebabs, I have now just been informed of the following......

There have been big changes in the Kebab camp, firstly they now have 2 new brassplayers, 'Doc Fox' on Bone and 'Summers' on Trumpet. If you go along to see them in Manchester or Barnsley in the following month you might catch Doctor Fingers tinkling the Keys or even Darrol from ZenBaseballbat playing 2nd trombone!

Also they are apparently up for the Orange/T4 comp. So to get them on the telly.
They ask can you register now at http://orangeunsignedact.co.uk/acts/catchitkebabs , voting hasn't started yet, but if you do register you will be informed of when voting starts. Then you can vote once a day for a month to put them on the box!!

Back on April 5th they attempted a record called 'Tour in a Day'. Well, they are going to release the official video, venue by venue on YouTube, this will be cut up as weekly episodes, and can be found on Kebab TV.
Here's the link, first video will be up on this SAT (6TH SEPT) and one will be released every Saturday from then on. register below for a comedy story and a half! www.youtube.com/catchitkebabstv

Short notice...but it's band member Jamie's birthday on SAT 6TH SEPT (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) and they are holding a gig at THE ARCHES, PITT STREET, BARNSLEY featuring of course them and THE WHISKEY CATS.
Doors are at 7.30am and last orders is 1am!! There will be cool tunes all night, the beer I'm told is cheap AND it's FREE!!!!......a good night should be had by all!!!

Finally, here's the forth coming gig list, the entry is always great value, you won't be disappointed (NOTE: Loads more 2008 TBC!)

Sat 6th of September 2008 - The Arches, BARNSLEY (w/ The WhiskeyCats)
Friday 12th of September 2008 - The Man in the Moon, CAMBRIDGE
Saturday 13th of September 2008 - The Underworld, LONDON (w/ TheToasters & 3 Minute Warning)
Saturday 27th of September 2008 - The Casbah, SHEFFIELD
Saturday 4th of October 2008 - TJs, NEWPORT
Wednesday 8th of October 2008 - Rock Garden (Covent Garden), LONDON
Saturday 22nd of November 2008 - The Retro Bar, MANCHESTER
Sunday 14th of December 2008 - Legends, NEWCASTLE (w/ The CherryPoppin' Daddies)Sunday 21st of December 2008 - The Underworld, LONDON (w/ The CherryPoppin' Daddies)

PS don't forget the 'The Punisher' is up for FRE DOWNLOAD, visit http://www.catchitkebabs.co.uk/ to get your copy now!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Barrington Levy

Barrington Levy was born on the 30th April 1964, in Clarendon, Jamaica, and in 1976 he formed the Mighty Multitude with his cousin Everton Dacres. They started off playing the sound systems and cut their first single, "My Black Girl," the following year. Things didn't really work out for the pair and Levy broke out on his own a couple of years later to record his debut solo single at the age of 14, "A Long Time Since We Don't Have No Love." The single failed to make any impact, however the teen's live appearances in the dancehalls were proving to be popular events. It was at one of these that he met former singer turned producer Junjo Lawes and New York-based producer Hyman "Jah Life" Wright. The pair took the youth into Channel One studio, accompanied by the Roots Radics, and recorded a clutch of cuts. It was here that he recorded several singles, including "Al Yah We Deh", "Looking My Love", "Englishman", "Wedding Ring Aside" all of which became hits, but it was the mighty "Collie Weed" that really established Levy's career.
Levy's next few singles were similarly successful, including "Shine Eye Girl", "Wicked Intention", "Jumpy Girl", "Skylarking" (by Horace Andy), "Disco Music", "Reggae Music". Levy then joined forces with producer Alvin Ranglin for another string of hits, "Never Tear My Love Apart", "Jah", "You Made Me So Happy" and "When You're Young and in Love". Levy's smooth, rich vocals were made for duets, both with other vocalists and DJs, and it wasn't long before the young star was also recording collaborative singles. Toyan was a great foil on "Call You on the Phone," with Jah Thomas he recorded "Moonlight Lover" and "Sister Debby," and then with Trinity cut "Lose Respect" and a follow-up, "I Need a Girl. In 1980 he appeared at Reggae Sunsplash rave reviews and again 1981. Though LPs were not very important in Jamaica at the time, Levy released three albums before 1980: Bounty Hunter, which boasted three smash singles, "Reggae Music," "Shine Eye Girl," and "Looking My Love" and the other tracks that were just about as good. In Britain, the Burning Sounds label released Shine Eye Gal. This was a hits laden package which included the title-track, "Collie Weed," and "Ah Yah We Deh." This was quickly followed by the mighty Englishman (released by the Greensleeves label), an absolutely fabulous and critically acclaimed record, which was overseen by the unbeatable studio grouping of Junjo Lawes and two of King Tubby's protégés, Scientist and Prince Jammy. Jammy was the established veteran of this trio, but Lawes, barely into his twenties, was swift to ascertain his own reputation as one of the island's top producers, and Scientist. Although still only in his late teens he was already a noted engineer and famed remixer, whose talents Lawes would utilize at every opportunity. Most notably though, on the Scientist V Prince Jammy dub clash album.
By the early 80's Levy was one of the biggest Jamaican stars, and saw his international fame growing as well, especially in England. Unfortunately for Levy though his popularity also began to bear some serious drawbacks. Even before stardom arrived, the singer had noticed with delight, fans taping his sets at the dancehalls, but now these tapes were coming back to haunt him. Suddenly, the shelves were buckling under the weight of bootlegged albums, featuring not just older pirated live material, but also unreleased outtakes and recycled older singles. In response, Levy didn't release a new album for two years, but channelled his efforts into new singles, which more than made up for it. From 1980 came such hits as the haunting Lawes-produced "Mary Long Tongue", "Too Poor" with producer Linval Thompson and a host of cuts with Karl Pitterson, including "I Have a Problem" and "Even Tide Fire a Disaster". As the decade progressed, the flood of hits continued. "I'm Not in Love," "You Have It," "Tomorrow Is Another Day," "Robberman," "Black Rose," "My Woman," and biggest smash of the batch "Money Move", which were all released between 1981 and 1983. During this period Levy even tried his hand at self-production, recording excellent songs such as "In the Dark" and "Love of Jah." Amongst these there was also some great singles recorded for Joe Gibbs.
Levy finally returned to LPs with Lifestyle, produced by Alvin Ranglin and Money Move. Money Move was brilliantly overseen by George Phang and boasted an astounding group of rhythms that Sly & Robbie had specially made for the producer.
In 1984 came another big hit with producer Jah Screw, "Under Mi Sensi." The pair also recorded a new album that year, Here I Come; the title-track of this would climb into the Top 50 singles chart in the U.K, and the album itself would also take Britain by storm and ensured that Levy received the Best Vocalist Award at Britain's Reggae Awards. That same year, Levy joined forces with another young singer who was tearing up the dancefloors, Frankie Paul, for the interesting sound clash set of Barrington Levy Meets Frankie Paul. 1985 brought Prison Oval Rock, which found the singer back with Lawes again, for another roots-fired set equal to its predecessors.
After such a powerful start to his career the late 1980s saw Levy's output begin to slow down. He did continue to perform and appeared again at Reggae Sunsplash in 1987 and would remain a top attraction at the festival until 1995. During this time He also released Love the Life You Live in 1988, but this was a rather patchy affair compared to the majesty of his previous releases, and it was to be his last new album for some time.
As the 1990's dawned, Levy signed for Island's Mango subsidiary, and released a fine album in Divine. He also joined forces with up and coming Rebel MC and Tenor Fly for the smash single "Tribal Base," which was a UK top 20 success. In 1993, Levy tried to break in the United States with Barrington, which was produced by Lee Jaffe, and featured a re-recorded of "Under Mi Sensi," and contained strong songs such as "Murderer" and "Jeep." Levy and his label, MCA Records however, did not have a good relationship and he soon left.
Back in Britain, the singer was scoring yet another hit with "Work." Also In 1994, Levy joined Beenie Man on the singles "Two Sounds" and another working of "Under Mi Sensi." Both soon re-appeared as fiery jungle remixes, with "Sensi," in particular, ramming the dancefloors.
Next up with Jack Scorpio at the controls, the singer was paired with Mega Banton for "She's Mine." Jah Screw then took these collaborations to the next logical step, and recorded an entire album imaginatively titled, Duets, (This is its American title and it was released in the U.S. by RAS. In the U.K., Levy's relationship with Greensleeves was still flourishing, and the album here was titled Barrington Levy's DJ Counteraction). From this set came the excellent, "Living Dangerously" with Bounty Killer, this shot up the Jamaican charts and set the pace in clubs around the world. "Bad Talk," its follow-up, didn't fair quite so well, but was still a fine offering. Time Capsule came hot on its heels in 1996. A short album, (a mere eight tracks plus five dubs), which more than made up for lack of quantity with quality. Over the next two years, his circle of friends was obviously growing, and diversifying. In 1998 came the exciting "Living Dangerously", and featured artists such as rap star Snoop Doggy Dogg and Southern California punk-reggae heroes Long Beach Dub All-Stars. In 2003, his debut album Bounty Hunter was reissued as Moonlight Lover on the Burning Bush label, and Two years later, the Sanctuary label collected his recordings with Henry Lawes and Alvin Ranglin for "Love Your Brother Man: The Early Years". Numerous compilations have also continued to appear featuring much of the singer's greatest work, and this helps to keep him known and respected by members of the younger generation of dancehall patrons.

With thanks and respect to Jo-Ann Greene, All Music Guide

People Get Ready – This Is Rock Steady '67

This album despite its title is very varied in its sound and riddims. Sure there is as you would expect plenty of ska and rock steady, but also a couple of calypso tunes in the shape of 'Obeah Wedding', and the comical 'Papa Jack', soulful sounding tune 'Girl I've Got A Date', and 'Shoo Be Doo' is almost verging on doo wop in places. The opening track 'Rocksteady' is a powerful start, with its slow rhythm, dark sound and spoken almost wailing, hypnotic vocals; you’d almost think it’s playing at the wrong speed! There is also a version (or is it the original?) of the classic '007'. The 2nd side begins with 'Soul Ska' a piece of mid tempo skank that half way through without breaking stride turns into a cover of Wilson Pickett’s 'Midnight Hour', and with a runtime of over 4mins must have been quite unusual at that time, as it is almost twice the length of the rest of the songs on the album. Overall this is a fantastic album which could never as is sometimes said in certain quarters of this type of music be called "samey". The vocals are good the music is tight and I should think there is enough variation to please everybody. Also there is a nice little bit on the back cover that tells you how to dance along to the Rock Steady!

Full Track Listing:

Musical Pressure
Girl I’ve Got A Date
Bend Down Low
Shoo Be Doo
Soul Ska
Obeah Wedding
Papa Jack
Get Out Of My Life
Can You Hear Me
On the Beach

"Its Oily, Oily, & Sweet!!"


Catch the mighty MUNGOS HI LIVE in session for a great night of classic riddims and top DJ sounds between now and the end of the year

September 2008
12 Bonn, Germany - Mungo’s meet Roots n fruits + Subverzion
12 Bonn, Germany -Dub on the River, Mungo’s + Brother Culture meet Future Roots
12 Glasgow - Soundcrash with the Bug and Warrior Queen
19 Carsphairn, Scoltand - Knockengorroch - The Hairth
26 London - Vibe Bar with Heads High
27 Ljubljana, Slovenia - Klub Sub Sub

October 2008
17 Edinburgh - Mungo’s meets Riddim Tuffa
25 Nottingham - Blueprint

November 2008
07 Edinburgh - Big Toe’s Hi Fi
28 ARTSCHOOL Glasgow, Scotland

December 2008
06 Leeds - SUBDUB - EXODUS

For more info go to

Monday, September 1, 2008


Top up and coming ska/rocksteady/reggae act The Delegators from North London, are playing out this month and I would say this band are definitely worth a look.

September 2008
14 Norwich - Antic Banquet Festival, The Valley of The Secret Garden
17 London - The Albion
18 London - Gaz’s Rockin’ Blues Club
20 Mainz, Germany (Mainz-Kastel, Near Frankfurt)

Check out their sounds at


“There’s enough strength and versatility within their own self- coined
‘Dub-Hop’ sound to make it clear we’d better keep an eye on these
guys” - DV8 Magazine

BOY COM. (short for BOY COMMUNICATION) are a nine piece Dub-
Reggae-Hip-Hop collective, whose aim is to make you groove till the
end of the night, even after you've left the venue. Its like the coolest
house party you've ever been to: there's plenty of booze, beautiful
girls, and BOY COM. are providing your ideal soundtrack.
With their new album ‘Paraphonilia’ that has been out since June 11th, you can expect the phatest beats, the smoothest basslines and the roaring-est brass section you've ever heard! There ain't a chance in hell you won't like

‘Paraphonilia’ now available through iTunes, Amazon MP3,
Napster, Rhapsody etc...

You can catch them live as support for Horace Andy at the Carling Academy in Bristol on November

AIRRIA Management
John Skanja
00 44 (0) 7974 677 710



Pama are currently working on not one, but two albums currently...

Pama Intl - Wrongtom Saves The World From Armageddon (RRHITCD9/LP)
Out November 2008

Is a complete dub workout of 'Love Filled Dub Band' versioned by Wrongtom (famed for his work with Hard Fi and recent Roots Manuva remixes)

Pama Intl - Highrise Campaign (RRHITCD8/LP)
Out November 2008

Featuring versions of Pama Intl anti-knife/gun anthem 'Highrise' by Dennis Alcapone, Michie One, Rebel MC, Wrongtom, Billy Bragg and more.

The Highrise track is being used as part of various campaigns, with kids charities around the UK. A lot of high profile press are running articles on this project.

Hopefully more on both of these very soon.

The Aggrolites – European & North American Tour Dates

The Aggrolites are Jesse Wagner (vocals, lead guitar), Brian Dixon (rhythm guitar), Roger Rivas (organ), Korey Horn (drums) and Jeff Roffredo (bass). Formed in late 2002, they have toured with the likes of Social Distortion, Rancid, Madness, 311, Dropkick Murphys, The Skatalites, The Aquabats and Hepcat. I saw this band a couple of years back as support for Madness and thought they were superb! They even impressed the wife, who is not really a reggae lover, so take it from me that is saying something! I can guarantee you'll have a great night of ska and rocksteady skankin'!!

European Tour
Sept 12 - Tampere, Finland - Klubi
Sept 13 - Helsinki, Finland - Tavastia
Sept 15 - Stockholm, Sweden - Debaser Slussen
Sept 16 - Oslo, Norway - John Dee
Sept 17 - Gothenburg, Sweden - Sticky Fingers
Sept 18 - Malmo, Sweden - Kulturbogalet
Sept 19 - Copenhagen, Denmark - Loppen
Sept 20 - Barcelona, Spain - Sala Salamandra
Sept 21 - Madrid, Spain - Gruta 77
Sept 23 - Warsaw, Poland - CDQ
Sept 24 - Wroclaw, Poland - Lykend Club
Sept 25 - Prague, Czech Republic - Cross Club
Sept 26 - Pfarkirrchen, Germany - Boogaloo Club
Sept 27 - Berlin, Germany - Kesselhaus

North American Tour
Oct 03 - San Diego, CA - Canes Bar & Grill
Oct 04 - Santa Barbara, CA - Soho Restaurant & Music Club
Oct 09 - Hollywood, CA - The Roxy Theatre
Oct 10 - San Clemente, CA - OC Tavern
Oct 14 - Covington, KY - The Mad Hatter
Oct 15 - Chicago, IL - Subterranean
Oct 16 - Ann Arbor, MI - Blind Pig
Oct 17 - Guelph, ON - Cowboys Bar
Oct 18 - Toronto, ON - Horseshoe Tavern
Oct 19 - Montreal, QB - Petit Campus
Oct 21 - Washington DC - Black Cat
Oct 22 - Philadelphia, PA - The M Room
Oct 23 - New York, NY - Blender Theater at Gramercy, CMJ Music Marathon
Oct 24 - Farmingdale, NY - Crazy Donkey
Oct 25 - Boston, MA - Middle East
Oct 26 - Providence, RI - The Living Room

UK Tour

Nov 04 - Leeds - The Cockpit
Nov 05 – Nottingham - The Rescue Rooms
Nov 06 – Manchester - Manchester University
Nov 07 – Oxford - Carling Academy
Nov 08 – Islington London - Carling Academy
Nov 09 – Brighton - Concorde 2
Nov 11 – Birmingham - Carling Academy
Nov 12 - Newcastle - Carling Academy

For more information:

"Real Dirty Reggae"

Catch It Kebabs

Although not a Reggae band in the pure sense, I thought this lot still deserved a mention on these pages especially if you like a ska beat with a bit of a beefy kick to it.
The Catch it Kebabs are a 9-Piece band from Barnsley in South Yorkshire who are putting a modern twist to ska; incorporating swing grooves and a punk ideology taking influence from a wide range of bands from ‘The Clash’ to ‘Glen Miller’ and all that lies in-between, a sound which they have affectionately termed, ‘swing-core ska/punk’.
Over the past 4 years since their formation, the band has built up a reputation for being one of the hardest working acts on the UK ska scene, and having caught them on a couple of occasions myself and I can agree with the quote that they have been "entrancing the audience with their frantic stage show and sassy live swagger". I would highly recommend catching one of their shows! They have reportedly been doing around 100 gigs a year, so I don't want to hear excuses for not going along to see them, and the band has built up a strong and loyal fan base from all over the UK and Europe on the strength of this.
Catch-it Kebabs have 2 albums already available: ‘Skankin’ Sausages (Do the Dog/Feet First, 2004, I have a copy of this and its great!) and ‘Return of the Kebabulance’ (Riot/Feet First, 2006). Although both albums received rave reviews, it was the maturity of ROTK which turned heads in the media. Brandon Allin from the biggest US online punk-zine, ‘Absolute Punk’ wrote: “A strong and distinct, and equally a wonderful release”.
Recently the band had a track from their latest CD used on an international ska compilation, Ska is Dead. Their track, ‘Bluelight’, features alongside some of the worlds biggest ska acts, including ‘The Planet Smashers’, ‘Voodoo Glowskulls’ and ‘The Toasters’.
The future is looking rosy, with their 3rd album 'Broken Vans and Masterplans' currently in the demo stages. Jamie from the band tells me that so far they have 4 finished tracks and the rest promise to be very ska and reggae. The four tunes completed so far are: A reggae-dub track called 'Hope in the Union'.A ska-northern soul hybrid called 'Can't stop'.A fast paced full-on ska track called 'Sirens'.A sleazy swing number called 'Maggie'
Also if you visit their web site now you can download the track playing on the flashplayer for free! I personally think its great tune, and is far too good to be given away....so get it while you can.


SIR HORACE - GOA BLUES limited edition 7"

Debut single from Sir Horace Panter (bass player from The Specials). Killer instrumental ska!!! Limited edition 7" vinyl (only 300 copies available), with Horace's own Sir Horace label design and hand painted sleeve. A true collector's piece for fans of The Specials, ska & reggae alike.

Not sure how many if indeed any of these are left so you better high tail it over there quick if you are interested.

"This One Is Special"

Royal Earth Day Dance - Bedford UK