Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bob Andy honored in Press Area Forum

Bob Andy honored in Press Area Forum

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Gregory Isaacs – The Ruler (1972 - 1990)

On October 25th last year the “Cool Ruler” Gregory Isaacs passed away at the age of 60. He was dubbed “The Cool Ruler” not only for his dapper style that often included a fedora style hat but also for the smooth delivery of his plaintive crooning that led to him being once described as “the most exquisite vocalist in reggae”. 

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DUBMATIX Presents Clash of the Titans - The System Shakedown Remixes

An epic Double Vinyl journey of remixes from some of the world’s most talented producers: Zion Train, G.Corp, Marcus Visionary, Liondub, Vibronics, Victor Rice, Duibvisionist, Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Aldubb, Nate Wize, TVS, Subatomic Soundsystem, Webcam Hi-Fi, DJ Shine, Eccodek & DJ Brace, through dub, dubstep, ragga, jungle, future dub and roots.

Now let Dubmatix tell you more …….

“The concept for this new release materialized in the summer of 2010: on a tropically hot (hot as hades) summer evening in Toronto, when myself and Karsten Frehe (Irie Ites Music) came up with the idea and immediately set about contacting some of the world’s premier dubheads and have them get involved and contribute a remix. What was to be just a 12” Vinyl release expanded into a Double 12” Vinyl Release, CD Release and Digital release. The remix material was so good and there was so much of it.
The album features an awesome line-up of great remixers/producers: G.Corp (Groove Corporation), Zion Train, Aldubb, Dubvisionist, TVS, Mungo's HiFi, Marcus Visionary, LionDub, Webcam Hi-Fi, Victor Rice, Vibronics, Subatomic Soundsystem and Nate Wize, with myself contributing an alternate version of the Dennis Alcapone track “Struggle”.  The resultant release is multifaceted, ranging from roots dub to steppers, more experimental approaches such as dubstep and future dub.  Dub has always been open for new styles and ideas! The voices featured on “System Shakedown” also put in an appearance: The Mighty Diamonds, Tippa Irie, Dennis Alcapone, Kulcha Ites, Jay Douglas, The Ragga Twins, Ammoye, Brother Culture and U Brown all feature with vocal parts, embellishing and enriching the futuristic sounds and vibes. Over the past months a great work has emerged and it is now poised I hope to go straight to the hearts and feet of dubheads all over the world.”

"This is a release that's guaranteed to smash up the place! TurnTableTerrorist say so!!!" (WLUW Chicago - USA)


Reggae Roast Records has gathered some serious momentum over the past 12 months with critically
acclaimed releases from the likes of dub heavyweights such as Earl 16, Mungo’s Hi Fi, Nick Manasseh,
Kenny Knots and RSD (Rob Smith). Quickly building a reputation as the UK’s leading label for contemporary dubwise produce. Reggae Roast come with their brand new single; Sensi Skank, yet another home grown sliceof hard hitting digital roots the label has become synonymous with.

There’s no doubt about about it, Sensi Skank is set to be the Ganja Anthem 2012. This 5 mix release by
Ruben Da Silva featuring Skinnyman is set to shake speaker stacks across the land, and is already garnering support from DJ Hype and a host of other top DJs. the Track has been tastefully dubbed by Manasseh and remixed by D&B heavyweights Placid. Twist it all all together and fire it up, for a red hot, smoking release.

Ruben Da Silva, who is quickly becoming a major force in the British roots scene after his recent dance-floor
smasher ‘Bless A Sound’ has once again shown why he‘s one of the hottest new voices in town. The beautifully distinctive tone to his vocal carries the track as he begrudges the fact that he is criminalized for smoking the ‘righteous weed’ and forced to smoke undercover.
Skinnyman, the long time outspoken advocator of the legalisation of cannabis makes a rare but unforgettable
appearance, as ever his flow and delivery are second to none. In the same vain as his critically acclaimed album ‘Council Estate of Mind’, Skinnyman once again delivers a socially analytical commentary, which demonstrates why he is one of the most popular and well respected rappers ever to come out of the Britain.
Murray Man, a true veteran of the UK Roots scene, has been running sound systems since the 80‘s. More
recently he has turned his attentions to running his very own Mellow Vibes imprint. His distinctive Digi-Roots
production style has been smashing up dance-floors across the world with underground hits such as Crying Shame. Nick Manasseh became one of the most respected DJ / producers in British reggae when he began hosting his seminal weekly Kiss FM slot, which ran for over a decade. He has helped to generate an interest in Roots music across the UK with his killer dance-floor selections and crisp authentic production values. Manasseh has once again mixed and dubbed the latest Reggae Roast offering, adding depth, definition and his distinctive sound to the release.
Placid from the Undiluted Records camp, also the home of Ed Solo and Brockie, are on remix duties and come with a hard hitting Drum n Bass stomper that is sure to mash up dance-floors across the globe. Already
receiving plays from Junglist A-listers such as Hype (Kiss FM) and Sub Focus (Ram Records), the DnB refix sure brings some added heat to the release.

Keep you eyes and ears peeled for more exciting releases from the likes of Linval Thompson & Kenny Knots coming very soon on Reggae Roast Records.

Merritone Reissues From Dub Store Records

Earlier this year Dub Store Records reissued a selection of Ska rarities on 7” vinyl on the Federal Records' Kentone label, all beautifully presented with authentic labels and card covers. Now they have shifted their attention to the rocksteady era with no less than 40 songs across 20 singles presented on the Merritone label.

Merritone was founded in 1966 by Ken Khouri with the label taking its name from Winston Blake's sound system. Although not as well known as the likes of Studio 1 or Treasure Isle it was the largest record company of that time in Jamaica. Many songs were recorded with Ernest Ranglin, and fellow guitarist Lynn Taitt among its biggest stars. However many of theses songs only appeared on vinyl records in limited quantities in Jamaica with a small bunch of titles making it to the UK were they were released on the Island label. Due to this many recordings on the label are hardly known and are now considered being ultra rare collector’s items.

Dub Store are now making some of these unreleased, forgotten and hard to find gems available again and included in the roster are songs like ‘I’m Coming Home’ by Eddie Perkins who worked with Alton Ellis as the duo Alton and Eddy. Then there is Lynn Taitt’s remake of the ‘Batman’ movie theme, Henry Buckley sings ‘Beware Of All Those Rude Boys’ and showcases his conscious style with ‘If I Am Right’ plus there is early Prince Lincoln work with ‘Real Gone Sweet’ and ‘It’s Not Right’ that he performed as a member of The Tartans along with Devon Russell, Cedric Myton, and Berg Lewis. If this short list of some of the songs on offer doesn’t whet your appetite for more then check out

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brother Culture – City Of Vibes

Brother Culture the English MC from Brixton who brought us the fantastic album Isis has throughout his long career worked with the likes of Mungos Hi Fi, Dubmatix and major league dance act The Prodigy has now joined forces again with the Swiss production house Kinyama Sounds to bring us this 7-track EP ‘City of Vibes’.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lack Of Afro - This Time

Lack of Afro, AKA British multi instrumentalist /producer/remixer/DJ Adam Gibbons one of our favourite funkateers here at Springline, has just released his third album ‘This Time’.
The album, as with the previous two, blends funk, jazz, hip hop, soul and 60s pop to create diverse and contemporary breakbeats and cinematic back drops. There are also shows signs of a growing maturity as this has to be his most wide and ranging collection of eclectic sounds. In the past listening to Lack Of Afro was a bit like facing a military big gun bombardment at times as the beats shook right through you, but here there are softer, silky, shimmering soulful sides as well.
These softer sides are primarily shown in two vocal cuts. the first is the exquisite single ‘A Time For..’ featuring the smokey Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye hybrid Wayne Giddens followed by the 60s pop-soul of ‘Fool’, with plucked orchestral strings a la Dusty Springfield and featuring Angeline Morrison who has worked recently with Frootful whose album ‘Colours’ was produced by Adam. These two vocalists also appear again on the album with Wayne on ‘What The Hell’ a more funky stax soul groove a kin to the sort of thing Raphael Saddiq has done on his latest album Stone Rollin’and Angeline on ‘The Importance Of Elsewhere’ which again rides a more funky beat, but this one leans more to a hip hop style while retaining her light soulful vocal.
The other two vocal cuts are the album opener and single in the making ‘Holding My Breath’ which features fellow Brighton dweller Jake Morley on a bounding Madchester beat and previous Afro cohorts rap duo Wax and Herbal T on ‘P.A.R.T.Y.’

the instrumentals is where the cinematic feel comes through with ‘Contusions’ having an afro-beat feel that could be the 21st century son or grandson even of ‘Shaft In Africa’ while ‘Little Fugue’ and ‘One For Bielski’ stray into beefed up Lalo Schifrinesque territory, the latter showing oriental influences, of say Enter The Dragon and Bielski is more Dirty Harry. Album closer ‘Lazy Lazarus’ sounds like a lost funked up, 60s garage band with slightly Latin leanings, you know the sort of thing you find in a Tarrentino movie.

‘This Time’ is an album of solid and diverse grooves that hints that it must surely now be only a matter of time before that big hit beckons.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

Sugar Minott - Hard Time Pressure

Last year VP released the 4CD Reggae Legends set on Sugar Minott shortly before his passing, that consisted of the albums “Buy Off The Bar”, “Rydim”, “Time Longer Than Rope” and “Rockers Awards Winner”, a sound clash with Leroy Smart, all recorded in the mid 1980s. Now they are following this up with “Hard Times Pressure”, something of a prelude to that set, with a 36 track collection spread across 2 discs that encompasses some of his best work from the late 1970s through to that time and the birth of digital dancehall reggae where he would earn the title of Godfather of Dancehall.........

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Denja - Vampire Slayer

The second album from the little known Canadian artist Denja is probably one of the most obscure albums I have heard in a very, very long time.
‘Vampire Slayer’ takes traditional dub style leanings and throws into the mix some country and folk styling to create something that verges on the unique in a world that seems to becoming more and more dominated by dub-by-numbers offerings.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Bristol Reggae Explosion Vol 2 - The Review

The Bristol Reggae Explosion vol 2 1978 - 1983 sees Bristol Archive Records digging even deeper into the city's reggae heritage with a selection of rarities and several tracks that have never been previously released. It also serves as a poignant reminder of just how much unheralded reggae talent was out there back in the '80s.

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Hollie Cook Debut Release

Hollie Cook’s self-titled debut album, released back in June of this year on Mr Bongo, is a beguiling affair as her silky, soft voice treads a fine line between sensuous and melancholy. She is backed by the production of Prince Fatty, with whom she has worked before, and the album bares all his sound making hallmarks as he puts together a dubby, ska, rocksteady montage that encapsulates all of reggaes finest qualities. This is further endorsed with guitar work from Dennis Bovell and Pioneers singer George Dekker plus some DJ chat from another Fatty cohort the impressive Horseman. A soul tilt is then added by singer and instrumentalist Omar.
Lyrically the album focuses on relationships, particularly those that are disaffected and tumultuous which really comes to a head on the dark, bassy throb of "Sugar Water (Look at My Face)" as she vents her anguish at having been messed around and damaged in some way by her man. A couple of songs some that may already be familiar with some are the inclusion of "Milk and Honey" that originally appeared on ‘Survival of the Fattest’ and was something of a small hit that brought both of them to wider attention after its use on the US television show Grey’s Anatomy. and single . "That Very Night" which appeared as a dub on last years Prince Fatty release ‘Supersize’.
Despite the sombreness of some of the lyrics there is something that is very enjoyable about Miss Cook’s slant on life and this blend of "tropical pop"; as the label calls it should appeal to many.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yabass - Back A Yard Dub

During the past five years or so dub engineer and multi instrumentalist YABASS has frequented various artist community websites with his foundation dub sounds. He has been in various bands most notably Creation Rockers with fellow producer The Manorand players Drummie DanPapa D and Mac although his musical repertoire goes back to the 1970s having appeared on an Alton Ellis single and having played in session with the Skin Flesh & Bones band at Chalk Farm studio to name check but 2 adventures from time and now, right up to date -and surprisingly to many- his first ever album release, a 12 track classic style dub offering entitled 'Back A Yard Dub'.

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New Reggae Forum Arrives

A forum for both reggae and dub fans and for reggae and dub artists.
Collectors - Observers - Listeners
Labels - Artists - Soundsystems - DJs

A well thought out and professionally presented new forum
comes on the scene this week called
featuring all the genre sections you would expect
plus areas for labels and artists to promote in.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Keith ‘Slim’ Smith

 Born in 1948 Keith ‘Slim’ Smith is rightly regarded by many as one of Jamaica’s greatest singers. His voice was soft yet full of passion and soul. He first came to real prominence as a founding member and lead vocalist of The Techniques, a harmony quartet that also included Winston Riley, Franklyn White, and Frederick Waite They regularly performed at Edward Seaga's Chocomo Lawn club, where they were spotted by talent scouts from Columbia Records, who released their first single "No One" produced by Byron Lee. In 1965 they were introduced to producer Duke Reid by singer Stranger Cole. Here they released "Don't Leave Me", "When You Are Wrong", "and many others for Reid’s Treasure Isle label. A year or so later Smith left The Techniques to try and forge a solo career but ended up forming The Uniques with White and Roy Shirley. The trio released a few singles in 1966 before disbanding, until late 1967 when Smith formed a new version of the group with Jimmy Riley and Lloyd Charmers. They débuted with "Watch This Sound", a cover version of Stephen Stills' "For What It's Worth" and had a huge hit. This was then followed by a string of subsequent singles, many produced by Bunny Lee including “My Conversation”. The group's debut album release, “Absolutely The Uniques” was released by Trojan Records in 1969, although they broke up in the same year. Smith then commenced recording for Prince Buster and Coxsone Dodd's Studio One label as a solo artist and scored hits with "The New Boss", "Hip Hug" and "Rougher Yet", many of which were later compiled for the album “Born To Love”.

By 1972 personal problems led to him being detained, for a short time at Bellevue sanatorium. The year after, on 9th October, whilst trying to gain entry to his parents' house, he broke a window, badly lacerating his arm and bled to death before he could receive treatment. His death stunned Jamaica and left the country mourning the loss of yet another great vocalist at a ridiculously young age. Despite the passing of time his enduring popularity has remained and resulted in the reissue of the bulk of his work including The Uniques “Absolutely Rock Steady” from late last year.

Echoes The Remixes Vol 1 - A Free To Download Release From Renegade Media

"Echoes - The Remixes Vol 1" is a collection of 12 of the best remixes submitted for a contest run earlier this year by Dubmatix’s for his Renegade Recordings label. The object of the contest was simply for aspiring producers to choose one of four tracks from any of the artists on label roster which were, earlyW~Rm, ‘Crawling From The Roots’, Nate Wize ‘Blues Blood’, Rolling Lion Studio ‘Rightful Ruler’ and Dubmatix’s very own ‘Inna Eden’ and create their own highly interesting and original take on the song as they could.
Remixs by: G31, Edumarron, Selec, Dub Terminator, Dubtrak, The Originator, Commie Dread, SUBSET, ultrabase, Dubstructor, and PhOniAndFlOrE were chosen as the best of the bunch and now this album that incorporates styles including Dubstep, Jungle, Roots and Future Dub is available for you to download free via Soundcloud

The Upsessions - Below The Belt

These self confessed, track suit wearing, rude boys from Holland are back with their third album that contains yet more ska and rocksteady infused grooves that follow on from where 2009s 'Beat You Reggae' left off with some, at times, crazy lyrics and most importantly that infectious upbeat feel........