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Dub genius MAD PROFESSOR has a couple of shows lined up in London next month. A protégé of Lee "Scratch" Perry, he was one of the leading producers in dub reggae's second generation. His Dub Me Crazy albums helped dub make the transition into the digital age, when electronic productions started to take over mainstream reggae in the '80s. His space-age tracks not only made use of new digital technology, but often expanded dub's sonic blueprint, adding more elements and layers of sound than his forebears typically did. In the mid-'90s, he returned to the basics, debuting a more retro-sounding style on the Black Liberation Dub series. Additionally, he ran his own studio and label, Ariwa, which was home to a stable of vocalists (with an emphasis on lovers rock and conscious roots reggae) and some of the finest British reggae productions of the era. As his reputation grew, he became a remixer of choice for adventurous rock and techno acts, most notably revamping Massive Attack's entire second album under the new title No Protection.

Catch him at....

05 London- Royal Festival Hall
27 London- Jazz Cafe

"Dub Wise Master"


For those of you who first discovered Reggae through 2 Tone you might be intrested to know that this lot are back on the road...AGAIN!!

All dates are in September



Saturday, August 9, 2008

Out on the road at the end of this month are
Turbulence, Gyptian, Jah Mason & Pinchers + Anthony Que, Silver Cat
all backed by the Ruff Cutt Band

'Mash Up Da Dance!!'

Abyssinians + Dillinger on Tour in September

The mighty Abyssinians & Dillinger are on tour together in the UK & Eire in September. Dates confirmed so far are...
Saturday 6th September @ the Drum, Aston, Birmingham £18.50
Sunday 7th September "@ The Jazz Cafe, Camden London £20
Monday 8th September @ Exeter Phoenix £12.50
Thursday 11th September @ the Sage (Hall 2) Gateshead £15
Wednesday 17th September @ The Button Factory (formerly Temple Bar Music Centre), Dublin, IE 24.50 euros
Saturday 20th September @ the Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal Cumbria Doors 8.30pm

'Catch Dem at a Town Near You'

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Jamaica had sought independence from Britain since its earliest days, and continually, throughout its history, had fought against the laws and decrees passed down by the Crown. It wasn't though until the early part of the last century that real pressure for change and independence gained true momentum.
During the 1930's like so much of the world Jamaica was in the depths of an economic depression, and as such social conditions, that weren't great to start with, were in decline. This all came to a head in 1938 as sugar cane and dock workers went on strike, which then led to the 'Labour Riots' and resulted in a few deaths. The strike and subsequent riots gave way to the formation of Jamaica's first nationally recognized trade union the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU) named after its founder Alexander Bustamante. The birth of the BITU also led to the formation of two political parties, the People's National Party (PNP) and eventually the Jamaican Labour Party (JPL). The PNP was formed by Norman Manley in 1938 with backing from Bustamante, but by 1943 the pair had had enough of each other and the two split on unfriendly terms, with Bustamante leaving the party to form the JLP, taking the Trade Union with him. This was quite good news for the work force as now the two camps were trying to out do each other for their support.
In 1944 the road to independence was paved as all adults over the age of 21 were given the right to vote. Also in this year the first elections were held under this new law and the JLP won a landslide victory with a total of 25 seats out of a possible 32.
In 1951 discussions of future modifications arose when Sir Hugh Foot arrived as Governor, and in 1953 a new constitution with more changes was set forth. A Chief Minister and seven other Ministers would be appointed, and these men would be drawn from the House of Representative. The number of House members on the Executive Council was increased from five to eight (a majority vote). Furthermore, the Colonial Secretary and Attorney-General would retain control of security matters affecting the Civil Service. With this new system in place, Bustamante became Jamaica's first Chief Minister. However, an election in 1955 brought a change of power when the PNP took the majority and Manley took the position of Chief Minister. During the next two years even more constitutional changes were made, and by the end, the government was a Cabinet Government with almost complete internal self-rule.
Britain had for many years wished to unite its Caribbean territories, though many larger territories, including Jamaica, had objections, the group were eventually joined together in the January 1958 with the capital on Trinidad. This new group became the Federation of the West Indies. That year elections were held in March for its leadership. Not surprisingly, both Manley and Bustamante led parties and stood for election with the Indies Federal Labour Party (WIFLP), and the Democratic Labour Party of the West Indies (DLPWI) respectively. The Manley led WIFLP took the majority of the Federation's seats, but Sir Grantley Adams from Barbados became its first Prime Minister. Though much work was done to make the Federation work, by 1961 Jamaica had put forth a referendum for its removal from the Federation. The removal was granted and the British Government agreed to discuss Jamaica's independence. The Federation fell apart the following year. Now with Britain's willingness to discuss Jamaica's independence and dominion within the British Commonwealth of Nations, things proceeded quickly. In January 1962 a new constitution had been drafted, strongly based on Jamaica's current design, but with a number of changes reflective of other British dominion nations. It was also agreed that the 300 year old coat of arms would be retained, but with its Latin motto changed to one in English....

"Out of Many, One People"

So the date was set and at midnight on 5th August 1962 the British flag was lowered and as the 6th of August dawned, Jamaica's new flag was hoisted for the very first time over an independent country at last.


Monday, August 4, 2008

Springline On Myspace

Springline has joined the masses and opened a Myspace page. Please feel free to drop us a line and / or a comment about the blog here. I know it can be a pain having to log in to leave comments on blogs!

Also over there you can find some special Springline tunes, hope you like them.
Pop on by and make...... Myspace a happy place!

Do The Dog - Summer CD Sale

Do The Dog Music Massive Summer CD Sale!!!!!

As the long awaited Summer seems at last to have arrived, here at Do The Dog Music HQ we are celebrating the fact by having a Massive Summer CD Sale, giving you the chance to pick up loads of superb ska music for very little money.

The Do The Dog Summer CD Sale will run until the end of August & in the sale you will be able to take advantage of the following 2 special offers:

1. Buy 4 CD’s for just £10

2. Buy 10 CD’s for just £20

The following Do The Dog Music CD’s are available in the sale:

APB – Karoshi (recommend this)
The Bakesys – self titled
Robb Blake – No Time To Waste
Dirty Revolution – Its Gonna Get Dirty
Drewvis – For The Win
Duff Muffin – Eagle Eyes
Ettin – Rise Yourself
Four 0 – Across The Borderline
Dave Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 – United Front
Honeyshop Screamers – Going Out Dancing
Jimmy The Squirrel – self titled
New Town Kings – Sound Of The New Town
Pama International – Float Like A Butterfly
Rebelation – Pounds & Pence
Rebelation – State Of The Union
Rebelation – Steppas
Sadies Doll – self titled
The Scrub – Life’s Torn Out The Tuna & Left me For A Bread Roll
Skylar – self titled
Smoke Like A Fish – Here’s One We Made Earlier
Smoke Like A Fish – self titled (recommend this)
Splitters – Good Time Trouble (recommend this)
Squid 58 – Dismantled
The Supatones – Unity Avenue
3 Minute Warning – Tramps Jackpot
Too Many Crooks – Bounce
Too Many Crooks – Inside
Too Many Crooks – Spanish Fly

To find out more about each release visit and while your at it why not sign up to the fanzine? It's a great little publication that comes out every quarter and keeps you up to date with what's happening in the world of ska & ska/punk also it only costs the price of a couple of pints to join! Bargain!!

Please Note:

Only the 28 CD’s listed above are available in the sale. No other Do The Dog Music CD’s or distro CD’s can be bought in this sale.

These 28 titles are only available in the sale while stocks last.

Postage & packing is included in the sale prices.

The sale is only available to UK residents.

The closing date for the sale is 31st August 2008.

How To Pay:

1. By cheque or postal order.

Simply write the 4 or 10 CD’s you would like to order on a piece of paper along with your name, postal address & email address & send it to us with your £10 or £20 cheque or postal order. Please make your cheque or postal order payable to Do The Dog Music.

Orders & payment should be sent to:

Do The Dog Music, 65 Blackdown Way, Thatcham, Berkshire, RG19 3FY.

2. By Paypal.

If you have a Paypal account then you can send your £10 or £20 payment by Paypal to

Make sure you write your name & postal address & the 4 or 10 CD’s that you would like to order in the notes section when you send your Paypal payment


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New From Mungos Hi Fi & Scotch Bonnet

Proudly present the….


Having been a firm favourite in the a dance over the last five years, a dynamite vocal line up and a whole heap of extra fatness added to the riddim, this one is finally ready to drop. Featuring Ranking Joe, MurrayMan, Lyricson, African Simba, Brother Culture and Ben Jammin. Could sit and describe it all day, but really the music speaks for itself, this is one HOT Mexican Bean that hits the spot.....BURNIN' IT UP!

Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Ben Jammin - Mexican Bean
Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Afrkan Simba - the Media
Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. MurrayMan – Mash Up Jah Earth
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Mash Up Jah Earth Dub

Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Brother Culture – Talk to the People
Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Lyricson – Grudge and Vanity
Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Ranking Joe – How you Bad So
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Mexican Bean Riddim

And then theres…..

Released on Dubhead in 2001 this was a firm favourite for many including the late John Peel and Jah Shaka. It has been getting some serious request for a repress and the original changes hands for silly money, so this was a must! Not only that but on the flip side it has been give a relick 2008 style with a heavy dubstep influence, catch the limited press this time round.

Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Brother Culture - Wickedness
Mungo’s Hi Fi Wickedness Dub
Mungo’s Hi Fi feat. Brother Culture – Wickedness REFIX
Mungo’s Hi Fi – Wickedness refix dub

All tunes due for Release on 11th August
also tune into
to hear a few of these tunes NOW!


Friday, August 1, 2008

Prince Buster - The King of SKA!

Cecil Bustamante Campbell was born in Kingston on 28th May 1938. The son of a rail worker he grew up in one of the city's toughest neighborhoods. At a young age, he developed a taste for music and boxing. The boxing he eventually gave up as he yearned to be a singer. This boxing talent however would still prove to be useful.
He started singing at Kingston nightclubs in 1956, and. he formed a succession of bands his with friends, but none of these really proved to be a success. His music really began to take off though as Jamaican music promoters drove vans filled with stereo equipment to stage mobile parties as the ‘sound system’ was born.
Through this Campbell met Clement Dodd, the musically-inclined businessman who operated one of Kingston's most popular sound systems. It was here that Campbell’s boxing came back to the fore, he had been quite skilful at amateur boxing during his teenage years, and he was hired not as a musician, but as security; as the rivalry between fans devoted to a particular sound system at these parties could become quite rough. It was due to this line of work that he also earned the nickname "The Prince", which along with his boyhood moniker "Buster" (from his middle name Bustamente), formed the name under which he would become famous.
In 1960, Buster produced a record for the Folkes Brothers for the Wild Bells label, "Oh Carolina," under his new moniker. This record was Jamaica's first to involve an element of African music - the drumming in the record was provided by Count Ossie, the lead nyabinghi drummer from the rastafarian Camp David in the hills above Kingston. It was a big hit in Jamaica and helped propel him onto the musical stage.
From 1963 to the end of the decade, Buster wrote and produced hundreds of songs for Blue Beat. This success soon brought international attention, and He toured throughout Britain during this period, playing to sellout crowds, and even got to appear on Ready, Steady, Go! It was indeed while touring Britain he met Muhammad Ali, and joined the Nation of Islam in 1964. He toured many other European countries during 60s, but for some unknown reason never appeared in the Netherlands. Although none of his singles charted highly in the United States, he went on a successful American tour in 1967 to support the LP release of "The Ten Commandments (From Man to Woman)". This LP is a bit of a rarity. It was also in this year that Al Capone reached #18 in the UK charts.
Buster was not content with just being a musician however, and like Clement Dodd he had a keen eye for business. He opened a record store on Orange Street in Kingston in the early 1960s, which is still owned and operated by his family today. He also founded a jukebox company and started the Prince Buster Record label, at first as an attempt to keep the Melodisc label viable, but it is now used to reissue his music.
The ska sound had run its course by the late 1960s, but its influence was clearly felt in its descendants: rocksteady, with its slower beat and gospel, soul influence and then of course reggae. Bob Marley, Toots Hibbert, and other reggae stars have acknowledged their debt to Buster for his early use of Afrocentric lyrics and his Marcus Garvey-inspired worldview, which had been present in some of his songs. However, reggae's Rastafarian orientation led the Muslim Prince to keep an arms distance away from the new music, and he turned toward more traditional tourist-based business ventures instead and gracefully exited the Jamaican music scene.
By the late 1970s, Buster had fallen in to serious financial trouble. His business ventures were all either failing or bringing in low profits. Fortunately for him though, in late 1979 ska started experiencing something of a revival in the UK; with the advent of 2 Tone. Madness released their first record on 2 Tone "The Prince", a tribute to Buster which urged ska fans to remember "the man who set the beat", stating "So I'll leave it up to you out there / to get him back on his feet," and finishing with the line "bring back the Prince". With this renewed interest in Buster the money started to roll back in through royalties with his songs being covered by bands like The Specials, The Beat, and Madness, and also his old records were reissued and sold well. This double bonus meant The Prince was indeed able to "get back on his feet."
Prince Buster now lives in Miami, Florida. He no longer records or produces, but has performed a few shows over the past few years including the 2006 & 2007 Boss Sounds Reggae Festival in Newcastle upon Tyne. Prince Buster also performed at Ska Splash 2008 in Skegness. At this show it was announced that Buster was at last back in the recording studio with a new band. So now perhaps now finally we have "brought" back the Prince.
"An Earthquake Is Erupting"

Mungo's Hi Fi - Sound System Champions

This LP is simply the must have of this year! If you've heard and liked Mungos Hi Fi meets Brother Culture expect some more of the same in the quality vibes department, but this time not just rub a dub and dancehall sounds, but also ska, rocksteady, and roots are thrown into the mix. This album also differs because nearly every track is sung by a different artist (with the exception of Kenny Knots who appears on the rootsy "Don't Let Them Break Your Heart", and the previously released 12", "Rasta Meditation"). Also in good eco reggae style some other riddims that have been recycled include the Belly Ska riddim from the same 12", which is used on the opening track "Divorce A L'Italienne" with it's sweetly sung vocals coming from Marina P, part of the Bacce Crew in France. MC Ishu, front man with drum and bass band Step 13, who originally appeared on "Belly Ska" is not left out though, and turns up in fine style on the bouncy "Under Arrest". "Songs of Zion", on the riddim of the same name, features Ras Charmer who's style and delivery have been likened to that of Junior Kelly or an early Sizzla & chilled out final track "Did You Really Know" using the Mary Jane riddim, with the evocative vocal talents of Soom T, who learnt her trade at underground raves, sound systems and club nights throughout Scotland in the late 90's. These again may also sound familiar as these riddims were used on "Truth" & the classic "Ing", respectively from the previously mentioned "Meets Brother Culture" LP. This doesn't mean that they are starting to sound stale though as to help keep the whole thing fresh they have been re-crafted, and along with the addition of a horn section, this has given them another dimension.
My two favourites however are both in the dancehall style. "Old Time Dance" featuring Mikey Murka, who started out back in 1983 with the legendary Unity Sound System, and is now working with Kemist Kris of Reality Shock Records. While the other is with another long time MC and Saxon Sound old boy, the immaculate Tippa Irie, who puts his smooth easy flowing style to "Ruff Mi Tuff". As for the rest of the tracks there is just pure class, flowing throughout.

Track List
1Divorce A L'Italienne ft Marina P
2Don't Let Them Break Your Heart ft Kenny Knots
3Herbalist ft Top Cat
3How You Bad So? ft Ranking Joe
4Under Arrest ft MC Ishu
5Old Time Dance ft Mikey Murka
6Ruff Mi Tuff ft Tippa Ire
7Rasta Meditation ft Kenny Knots
8Rooster ft Aya Faith
9Songs of Zion ft Ras Charmer
10Around the World ft Suncycle
11Did You Really Know ft Soom T

In the shops on 8th September 2008 - Active/Universal - available now from from or by sending £9.99p (Post free) via your Paypal account to Please remember to include your name & address.
"Mungos Hi Fi - Sound System Champions" looks set to be huge.

Scotland's No1 sound system & bona-fide institution, Mungos Hi Fi have been releasing hits since 2001 when their killer tracks
Wickedness and Ing featuring Brother Culture first took the world by storm getting heavy plays by Jah Shaka, the late great John Peel and Mr Scruff who went on to include Ing on his Solid Steel mix released on Ninja Tunes.
Their weekly Dub 'n' Grub nights and monthly residencies at the Glasgow School of Art have played host to; Sister Nancy, Earl 16, Ranking Joe, Jah Shaka, Tippa Irie, Top Cat, Warrior Queen and many more. In the last 8 year the trio have played over 1000 shows truly earning the title of 'Veteran Selectors' and are fast becoming the most in-demand sound system in Europe. They faithfully draw on foundation Reggae, Dub and Dancehall music from the last 50 years and come away with something that is genuinely fresh.
Their debut album on Rockers Revolt "Mungos Hi Fi - Sound System Champions" featuring an onslaught of world class MCs & singers (Ranking Joe, Top Cat, Tippa Irie, Kenny Knots & more) spans a broad selection of musical stylings from ska and rocksteady, through roots and steppers, to rub a dub, digital roots and dancehall. As with their live sound, powered by their own enormous, homebuilt p.a., their inspirational productions continuously push reggae boundaries into new groundbreaking frontiers.

Forward thinking every time!

Brother Culture - Isis

First heard of Brother Culture a few months back with Mungos Hi Fi which I really enjoyed and was surprised to see that he has been around since 1983 when he started to MC for the 'Jah Revelation Muzik' sound system. Now for this LP he has got together with Manasseh and Isis is the result. It is an album with stories of love and change, and fuses classic 80's rub-a-dub, dancehall and roots reggae sounds into fresh and exciting new ways with a smooth vocal delivery. Stand out tracks for me are
The rootsy "Darker Side of Town", a tune about gang trouble, that uses echo and reverb effects to help give it a laid back but menacing sound.
"Isis, Peace Is Love" with its bubblin' bass line, and "Turn It Around" with its mix of sung and quick fire vocals. There is also the bright and breezy acoustic feel, and dare I say more commercial sound of second last track "The Dew Falls", which has slowly grown on me the more I listen to it with its message of love, peace, and harmony.
If you want a fresh and cool new sound with a hint of past glories then Isis is what you're after.

Track List
1. The Rider
2. Darker Side Of Town
3. How We Roll
4. Isis, Peace Is Love
5. If There Were Gods
6. Turn It Around
7. SupaNova
8. Tru De Valley
9. Redeye
10. Come Down Pon Sound
11. The Dew Falls
12. Fire In My Soul

Bim Sherman - Mr Independent

He was born in Westmoreland, Jamaica on 2nd February 1950, Lloyd Jarrett Vincent. He would have many aliases throughout his career - Jarrett Tomlinson, Jarrett Vincent, Lloyd Vincent, Lloyd Tomlinson, J.L. Vincent etc, (the name of Vincent came from Lloyd's mother), but it is as Bim Sherman that he is best known.
In the early seventies the Bim made a living as a fisherman but then went on to be an electrician and moved in with one of his brothers in central Kingston. It was once in Kingston that he developed a closes musical friendship with Keith Porter and Ronnie Davis, who would go on to form the vocal group the Itals.
Bim Sherman did not attribute his love of music to any one person but rather to his family, with whom he had attended church services and Sunday school. As he became older however, he started go to the local dancehall were he heard the sounds that would inspire him to begin a musical career of his own.
"... I always knew I could make the music, ever since I was small and it was all I wanted to do. I remember growing up and listening to it, singing along with it and feeling the power of it, which is the other side of roots, and feeling light-headed..."
His first recording experience was with an early mentor Gladstone 'Gladdy' Anderson at the famous Treasure Isle studios. But things did not work out as well as he hoped, or as he once so eloquently put it..."...things just go boof!"
With this he moved on. His first record to be released was cut at the Federal studio with Sid Bucknor who was the engineer for '100 Years'. 'Love Forever' followed, a self-financed affair on the Element label and then came a string of tunes now recognised as reggae roots classics on Sherman's own Scorpio, Red Sea and Sun Dew imprints. These singles expressed the Rasta vision of Babylon's fall and corresponding redemption for the righteous through roots reggae music, and met with a degree of local success and appreciation which convinced him to continue.Due to finance restrictions however, Bim often used each riddim track for two different songs. It was his writing skills and plaintive vocals though which ensured that every piece sounded fresh. Some of these 7" sides became available in the UK on 12" pressings, compiling the A and B sides of two original JA releases on one 12". Often the same song would appear on different issues and releases with different titles for example, "Fit To Survive" and "Tribulation", "World Of Dispensation" and "Revolution", and "Blacker Sound", "Black Jah Jah Sound" and "Ever Firm".
On the back of these UK releases he decided, like so many other young Jamaicans in the seventies, to try his luck in the UK, after being persuaded to join 1979's Roots Encounter tour alongside renowned toaster Prince Far I, Creation Rebel and Prince Hammer. Partly though his move to the UK was to escape the incessant pressures of trying to be an independent recording artist in Jamaica.
"Lots of people like Randy's or Joe Gibbs want to record me, and even producers before them like Coxsone. But it’s not easy in JA (Jamaica) to get what you want out of recording and those people have a range of tricks they use to oppress you..."
In fact his first album 'Love Forever' had been issued a year earlier on the Tribesman label, including the title tune plus nine other previous Jamaican singles. Sherman settled in the UK cementing a friendship and business relationship with the young maverick reggae producer Adrian Sherwood, a long-time admirer of the singer.
Sherwood is quoted as saying;
"All great singers and vocalists have one thing in common - their voice stands out like a uniquely tuned instrument that only one person can play. Bim Sherman [was] a singer/songwriter with a truly golden tone.
I have been throughout his whole career a huge fan. I first heard one of Bim's songs while working in PAMA records Soundville Shop in Harlesden, London, in the mid 1970s ... His was like a voice from the wilderness, the lyrics and fragile power ensured that in every subsequent batch of imports I was looking out for a new Sherman record. I wasn't disappointed."
With this love for the singer Adrian went on to buy all of the 7" pre-releases which featured the voice of Bim Sherman. It was during this time that Sherwood was developing his business collaboration with the heavyweight Jamaican DJ Prince Far I and he encouraged Far I to hook up with Sherman for recording purposes. Eventually tunes such as 'Down In Jamdown' with Jah Lion and 'Love Jah Only' with Jah Buzz came into the UK on the Hitrun label, a partnership venture between the young English producer and the veteran Jamaican toaster.
The success of these releases led to further collaborations with Sherwood's subsequent On-U Sound label with a vast range of musicians, artists and producers including Gary Clail, with whom he appeared on Top Of The Pops, crooning on his 'Human Nature' smash hit of 1991. Other artists he worked with include, Akabu, Tackhead, Japan's Audio Active, the Sabres Of Paradise, Groove Corporation, Bomb The Bass and Sinéad O'Connor. These collaborations continued along side Bim's own solo releases, mainly through his UK imprint Century.
In 1994 Sherman re-recorded six of his old tunes in an acoustic session at Richard Branson's Manor Studios, with Skip McDonald on guitar and Talvin Singh on tablas. A trip to Bombay followed where India's finest film musicians provided the extra layers of sound that resulted in 1994's 'Miracle' , the album which is probably Sherman's masterpiece and a fitting testament to reggae's sweetest voice. This album brings together disparate elements - 'playback' strings orchestrated by Suraj Sathe, Talvin Singh's tabla's, former Sugarhill sessioneers (guitarist Skip McDonald and bassist Doug Wimbish) and Sherman's meditative lovers and cultural songs. The lack of a conventional drum kit is barely noticed, and yet this is still recognizably reggae, albeit of a uniquely mutated kind. What marked Bim Sherman out from his contemporaries was not just his plaintively sweet vocal delivery, or the matching subtlety of his song writing, but the fact that throughout his career he maintained a fierce defence of his own independence as an artist, and managed to keep control of his output both creatively and commercially. This is a fine testament to the man himself. Sadly he passed away, as a result of cancer on November 17th 2000, and is a sorely missed independent and innovative member of the reggae community.

With thanks to Steve Barker's obituary & Adrian Sherwood’s sleeve notes from Bim Sherman's "Love Forever" compilation


Easy Star All Stars - Autumn UK Tour

NYC creators of Dub Side Of The Moon & RadioDread will be back touring the UK in October.
Rockers Revolt are delighted to announce that signing Ed Rome is the main tour support and will be doing all the shows (except Dublin). Pama Intl will also be doing the London and Bristol dates on the tour...EASY STAR ALL-STARSplus support from ED ROME

October 2008

18 Kendal Brewery Arts
19 Newcastle Academy - Boss Sounds fest
20 Glasgow Arches
22 Dublin Tripod*
23 Leeds Irish Centre
24 Bristol Trinity+
25 Southampton The Brook
26 London Shepards Bush Empire+
27 Brighton Komedia
28 Nottingham The Maze
29 Cambridge Junction
30 Oxford Academy
31 Exeter Lemon Grove

November 2008
01 Falmouth Pavillion
02 tbc
*No Ed Rome+Pama Intl

Chezidek - Inna Di Road

Not always the fastest out of the blocks when it comes to new sounds, I finally got round to purchasing a copy of this the other day, and what a great album! If you love your reggae on the roots tip this will not disapoint. Here is a brief review from WCTD's Fyah Youth from earlier this year...

Released in September 2007
Chezidek's "Inna Di Road" is his very best album so far!Produced by Bobby Konders and released by VP Records this album is a must-have for fans of modern roots reggae!The title track "Inna Di Road" rides Bobby Konders' remake of yabby you's Jah Love aka Warn The Nation Riddim and has been one of my fabs ever since this selection first dropped. Wonderful Tune!The older "Dem A Fight We" on a Truth & Rights remake and his huge hit "Leave The Trees" are also featured on this album.The highlights are "Inna Di Road", "She Struggles" on the cuss cuss riddim and the fantastic "Call Pon Dem" that I just can't stop playing on my mp3 player.Wicked Album!

1. Inna Di Road
2. Far I
3. Dem A Fight We
4. How You So Wicked
5. No Fear
6. Me Nah Run
7. She Struggles
8. Call Pon Dem
9. Leave The Trees
10. I Won't Cry
11. Vampire
12. Trouble Maker

Modern Roots Reggae at its Finest

Dub Nation - Southend Goes Reggae, Reggae Reggae!


For the first time ever on Saturday 16th August the doors to The Royal Hotel Ballroom will be opened up to heavyweight dub, roots and reggae sound system sessions. A smaller scale club to the huge Palace Hotel sessions made famous by the likes of Shaka, Tubbys and Iration during the nineties. DUB NATION will be the new Uprising Promotions banner of Special Events dances in Southend at The Royal Hotels Ballroom. Kicking off the first session 2 upcoming UK sounds from Southall 'Fable Sound System' and fresh from Norwich 'Free King Sound'. This is sure to cause nuff hype locally as 2 out of town sounds come together from east and west to.....
fire up the dancehall!!

Horace Andy - You Are My Angel

Someone mentioned to me the other day that they really liked "Skylarking" (a great LP), but here is a review of it would seem the not so well known, but equally as good 2nd release.

You Are My Angel was Horace’s 2nd album release and we had to wait 4 years for it, but oh what an album... Recorded at King Tubby's Studios, Kingston in 1973, it is filled with fine bass heavy rhythms supplied by the Aggrovators. The opening track "Thank You Lord" is a haunting sounding affair and sets the tone for the rest of the album, with its laid back feel and rollercoaster ride of emotions. "I'm Not A Know It All" and "Don't Break Your Promise" are sung with the feel of old big band classics, and I can almost see Horace standing on stage at the Blackpool Mecca in a tuxedo, with the light bouncing off the glitter ball as people waltz around the dance floor to the amazing sound. The cover of "Dream Lover" may sound a bit cheesy but somehow he manages to pull it off. While his version of the Bill Withers "Ain't No Sunshine" is sung with such emotion as to put poor old Bill to shame. My only gripe with this album, and it's only a small gripe, is that I feel the last 3 songs are in the wrong order. His cover versions of "Riding For A Fall" and "Rain From The Sky" although not bad songs (but sad songs) would have been better placed elsewhere on the album. I think it would have been better to finish the album with the uplifting almost gospel high of "John Saw Them Coming".Overall this is a fine album with its rootsy, lover's rock feel, and nobody sings with quite a hypnotic, echoing charm like Mr Andy.....

Track Listing

1.Thank You Lord.
2.I'll Forgive You.
3.You Are My Angel
4.I'm Not A Know It All
5.Keep On Trying
6.Ain't No Sunshine
7.Can I Change Your Mind
8.Don't Break Your Promise
9.Dream Lover
10.John Saw Them Coming
11.Riding For A Fall
12.Rain From The Skies

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I-Mara - The Truth Defender

Born in Roaring River, St. Thomas, on the beautiful island of Jamaica, I-Mara, "The truth defender," at birth, was given the name Courtney Mark Anthony Stewart.Realizing his strength and true purpose in life, this Songwriter/Recording Artiste adopted this new name I-Mara, which means "Solid and Firm." In his pursuits in life, I-Mara is ever conscious of the challenges that may face him, consequently, his guiding words are, "Let love and truth be the foundation of your heart." This resilient brother has relied on his strong spiritual awareness to direct the path of his career.I-Mara received his training at the Edna Manley College of the Visual & Performing Arts (Music Department) specializing in Ear and Vocal techniques. He recorded his first single in 1989; "Iron Bars."During a stint as the lead-singer of the roots Reggae group ABBASANI, I-Mara toured Mexico in 1996, and released his first album with the group, entitled "Let I Go." The group unfortunately broke up after returning home from Mexico, and a devastated, I-Mara was forced to place his career on hold for a while, weighing up all the options, as he contemplated on which direction he should take. After much personal deliberation, I-Mara decided to launch his solo career, and released a single and a music video entitled "Don’t Fight Yourself," which received good rotation on both radio and television locally. This was followed up by a remake of his first single "Iron Bars," and later by the single "Ten Feet Tall," which both also received good rotation locally. I-Mara however went back into the studios and seriously got down to business, where he worked painstakingly to complete his new project; an album entitled "Don’t Take it Personal," on the Roots Rock label.Punctuality, hard work and dedication are major elements of this talented singer’s career. He also answers to the name Haile Maskel, given to him after his baptism in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, which means Power of the Cross. This has further boosted I-Mara’s faith in the positive energy of life.In addition to his tour of Mexico, I-Mara has made numerous personal appearances locally, and is currently performing across the island of Jamaica, promoting his album.

Lutan Fyah - American & European Tour


Plans for a tour by Lutan Fyah, are afoot. He will be performing with a live band on the Turbulence & Guidance Tour from September 12th through to October 26th 2008
Shows are planed for


There are also plans for a tour of Europe in November.

No precise dates and venues confirmed yet but watch this space or vist for more details hopefully soon.

Anthony Martin a.k.a. Lutan Fyah was born in Thompson Pen, Spanish Town in the Parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica. He grew up around his grandfather who worked with such reggae greats as Lt. Stitchie, Papa San and Lady G, thus music became an integral part of his upbringing. 'I grew up around sound systems, therefore music flows through my bones'He started his musical career in 1999 and recorded his first songs for Buju Banton's Gargamel records. In 2004 he released his first solo album 'Dem No Know Demself' on Minor7Flat5 followed in 2005 by 'Time & Place' on Lustre Kings. He also released several singles on various labels from Jamaica, USA and UK. In 2007, his album 'You Brings Blessings' came out on Cousins Records.
Lutan is also on Greensleeves LP '83 RIDDIM' which features material all based on a versatile one-drop beat from hit-making producer Kemar 'DJ Flava.' Including big cuts by artists such as Chuck Fenda, Warrior King, and Tony Rebel, the artists put their unique stamp on the acoustic, roots-heavy track. Lutan Fyah appears on track 4. Battlefield!