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CVR is 4 Years Old

CVR celebrates 4 years since it's initial launch in November 2004. For those of you in the US who live in the Washington Area, here are some of the events you can go to help them celebrate!





There are also some free downloads for yopu to enjoy!!

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Ed Rome - A Life In Minutes

This album is described as 'Take proper old school dirty Reggae, inspired by King Tubby & Studio One and mix it with classic British song writing from the school of Billy Bragg and Ian Dury, and you’ve got something truly unique', and to be totally honest I'm really struggling to find my own words to describe this better. If you're a fan of the Aggrolites, Slackers etc you are really going to like this.

The album is roughly a 50 / 50 split between instrumental and vocal cuts, and starts and finishes with dubby style instrumentals "Way In" and "Way Out" respectively. Both cuts are one and the same really and they get the full treatment of reverb and echoes to their brooding bass line and haunting sax, to produce a couple of blissed out tunes. 'Private Person' is another instrumental dubby soundscape with Ed throwing in Spanish guitar sounding bursts that beautifully complement the melody, while on the spiritually, vocal feeling "Take Me" he's not afraid to turn his guitar to a bit of country blues.
This is the first time I've heard of Ed Rome, apart from his free download of the catchy, rocksteady "Non Relationship Rant", which features on the album, and apparently Ed has played live in the past with the likes of Lee Perry and The Beat. You can certainly hear these influences in the cuts "A Human Quality", "March" and "Mind", which are in the style of early Perry and his Upsetters material, and when the latter is mixed with Ed's gruff 40 a day vocals also reminded me a bit of Judge Dread, in sound, but with more meaningful lyrics. When you hear "Thatcher's Children" you'll find The Beat influence with that fast paced choppy bass line and Bella Edmunds lazy, flowing Sax drifting along as if she was some kind of Saxa protégé, in what could be a follow on to The Beats own "Stand Down Margret" of some 28 years ago.
Album high point for me is the incredibly catchy, uplifting bounce of "Some Truth" with its simple but hypnotic organ hook that gets under your skin and bright sounding accordion bursts.
Being a regular to the Rockers Revolt web site and having received any number of news letters from there that always have said coming soon....Ed Rome...New Album....I can finally say it was well worth the wait!


1. Way In
2. Mind
3. Private Person
4. Thatcher's Children
5. Nationality Speaks Sadly
6. What's Important?
7. Non Relationship Rant
8. March
9. Some Truth
10. Human Quality
11. Take Me [reggae version]
12. Way Out
Album available through Rockers Revolt -
Ed Rome on Myspace:

The Informative History Man

If like me you like singers that tell stories in their lyrics then this Historyman is going to be right up you're street as this man tells story's a plenty in his songs. He sings tales of Jamaican, African and well black history in general really as well of covering current and topical affairs from Beijing to Obama. The following is profile from the World of Jah web site along with a review of his CD 'Chronology Vol 1'

You may know him for his chronological music background, where he sings about the biography of Hail Selassie I, our own pioneers, Bob Marley & the legacy of reggae music, Marcus Garvey, Africans Inventors, there inventions and the forty-three presidents of the United States and many other topical issues.
The man who sings this monikers himself as The Informative History Man. Born Andrew Kiffin in Kingston, Jamaica, to parents Bernice Stewart and Dalbert Kiffin, the informative singer grew up in Kingston St, James and Clarendon. Andrew's father migrated to the states and left him and his sister with there mother to raise, growing up without a father was ruff. Andrew's first Schooling started at a private institution in Kingston, after moving to St James he attended the Chatsworth All Age School, and then he moved onto the Marldon High School. However, History Man then decided to sharpen his skill, which was deejaying. This gave him the opportunity to DJ on the Soul Shack Disco in his community. Then in 1987 after moving to Frankfield in Clarendon, he hooked up with two other sounds 'Destroyer' and 'Zion Roots'. While in Clarendon, he attended Knox College for only three months, due to lack of funding. In all of this, after History man return to Kingston he decided to concentrate on his spiritual development with the Ethiopian Coptic Rite School and Church of Vision, which carved out the direction of his writing. According to History Man, the religious experience provided the foundation for his future in the entertainment world. In the year 1992, the singer recorded his first single 'I Cry, What Do You Cry' at the Kilamanjaro recording studio. He also got his first air play on the radio station IRIE FM. History Man, in wanting to establish himself, as a singer had not much help, nevertheless he was self- motivated. The Tastee talent competition in 1992 was the channel that would have led History man into his zeal for eminence in the musical arena. Although not successful at his first attempt, he kept at it, until the year 2000; he claimed the first place victory. Then again, in 2003, he placed third in the finals. Since then the informative singer as been making a name for himself on the musical scene, performing at several stage shows over the years. These included Rebel Salute, Sting, Saggle to the East, St. Mary WI and many others. Over the years, he has done multiple recordings and several singles for various producers. During 2004, when hurricane Ivan was approaching Jamaica, he penned the song 'When Di Hurricane A Come', which was played on local television. A video was also shot for the song. Not only is the singer inclined to writing songs about our pioneers, but also involved in enlightening and educating the public on the deadly disease aids. He did a song entitled 'Positive In Mind, Positive In Spirit', which Jamaica Aids Support used as their theme song. He has become a regular supporter of theirs and has performed at many fund raising events, with performances at shows put on by the Ministry of Health island wide as well. The chronological singer also elaborated that he always found history irresistible while attending school. He now emphasizes that the history is the blue print of where we are coming from and where we are going. Armed with information, in the year 2005, History Man Knocked into lyrical shape his hit song Bob Marley Story, telling the tale of Bob's life. The song was done on the Taxi Rhythm, created by Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare. For this, he was well received by Bob Marley's family and close friend, Allan Skill Cole and Bunny Wailer with much enthusiasm. With his album now in store entitled Chronology vol 1, the Bob Marley Story is also located on the album; with this you can get a comprehensive look on the singer's life. In the same year 2005, he represented Jamaica as an activist at the Champion for Change in Guyana. He was privileged to be the only artiste to perform at the Guyanese Prime Ministers Ball. History Man has just completed his video called 'Strap Up' informing and depicting to persons about the preventative measures to keep them safe. That is using a condom every time. It has gotten major plays on the local cable stations. The song was done under the Kings and Queens production. History Man will continue to sing his way into history and he will educate the people about our history.

'Chronology Vol 1' - Review

To say that this artist is an average artist coming out of the Jamaican reggae spotlight would be a total injustice. In I'n'I choosing this artist as the September spotlighted recording artist for this month's musical recording artist review, was not only to do justice to his incredible musical contributions, but also on his behalf, as a personal public service announcements to uplift the masses of Jah People.
the signature style of informative history man is surely a chronological tapestry of renditions fit for the chronicles of history of Jah people using his creative genius of word sound ingenuity backed by fresh slamming DJ style as well as classical rhythms, this walking talking encyclopaedia of the life and times of our greatest heroes keeps the listening audience glued on with each track, curiously eager for more!
I'n'I was so impressed with this musician's style, rhythm and delivery of interesting new beats for as many tracks included on his current release, Chronology Vol 1 that I'n'I found it compelling to not just voice and pen my review of his music, but also to get in an actual one on one reasoning on his music from his own words. This compilation resulted in the hnn (haile noteworthy news) personal interview on world of Jah's I-news, (first article under entertainment, Sept 3rd edition). The interview was released prior to this music review, as to introduce the people to the man, his music and the essence of the driving quality of his works. May I present chronology I: rather than itemize every track, which can easily be done by reading the track list on new CD release cover, ini choose to use this review rather more as a "menu" of his tantalising delights, for at least the 9 tracks that are laid down on his music player here on WOJ.
Just tuning in with track 1, one is immediately drawn in with the irresistible tempo of "Marcus Garvey" the chronological account of the 1920's "bigger than life" an africanist and visionary revolutionary. A medium tempo rhythm, this leads perfectly into track 2, increasing the zest and wetting the palate for more , straight into the serious dance groove track 2 "Negus Haile Selassi,I" an actual history lesson from 1892 through 1975, the life and times of h.i.m, the crowned king of Ethiopia. rolling nicely into track 3, and bringing one back down a notch in tempo, is the redemptive, chronology of the reggae ambassador, "Robert (Bob) Nesta Marley"....with great sax, a slower chanting style one is taken from February 6th 1945 through a picturesque "journey" through the life span and footprints of this legendary musician. As if sensing the need for the link to the past, the following track 4, takes one straight back into the true African contributions from the builders of ancient culture and civilization to the modern inventions from the lawnmower and typewriter to the traffic stop light, more little known historical facts, more armour of truth! The "Know Yourself African" chant backed by sweet guitars mellows the beat in preparation for the 5th track, a tribute fit for the queen, Empress Menen. "I Love Empress Menen" a voice smooth yet strong honours the queen in celebratory ilyaful backup voices echoing true beauty of the life chronicles of her imperial majesty!...what seems most appropriate here at this junction of the track list is this pure un-cut nyabinghi resounding drumming, track 5, *"reparat ions*",...."*exodusis a must"*, a heartbeat rhythm calling back to mother africa, from 52 states of potential bliss, Mozambique to Nigeria*,"africa is home, not jamaica"...(tek I home informative history man!).... The appropriate follow up to going home is "Manners & Discipline", track 6, as if to stress our very vital focus on the importance of manners, discipline and preparation for reparations... A reminder, 'teach de likkle youth to raspect de elders', even 'some big people need manners & discipline!' (He speaks it truthfully and sternly but with such gorgeous string instrumentations backing up, none can ignore the rastafari truths of right knowledge!).... . Every real aspect of life, from our i-story of ancient of days to the current stories like *"hurricane*" is touched on here in this track 7 making it clear to the listener that this chanter don't like any "cane" from 'Cain' and Abel, to co'caine', to hurri'cane'...thus this one livicated to the survival of the people in "hurricane" , this contagious beat fit for kicking up de boots dem, but putting a serious note...crucial preparation for the facing up of mother nature..."When De Hurricane A Come,"... Wrap up de satellite, de important papers, rice and flour, be prepared! The climax of these righteous and heartical tracks comes in the form of a potent message, track 9, the aids epidemic, "Must Haffa Strap Up" a 'roll yuh waist' rhythm here, but a crucial chant indeed: "rough rider husband haffa strap up, woman haffa strap up, must haffa strap up!" a sure fiyah hit to target the masses and get the attention on the seriousness of the aids proliferation globally. This reflecting the informative history man's works with 'the Jamaica aid support initiatives'.
I'n'I must give more than nuff support, respect and a five stars to this collection of works by this intuitive, selfless and talented artist, in producing a series of documentaries, taking the listener on a virtual journey through time, linked to the past steadfastly but with a true pulse on the current issues plaguing the masses today. For I'n'I to recommend any particular tracks as a must, would render the rest as not as important or as acoustically appealing enough, so I'n'I must recommend all and each, as they were rendered each and every one by this amazing artist, with loving kindness, care, and sincere desire to use his talents to 'headucate" and lift up the consciousness of Jah people globally. As for serious dance track, I'n'I i recommend I favourite track 2 "Bless To The King" tribute to h.i.m, for hypnotic chanting nyabinghi rhythmical trance, track 6, "Repatriation", and a sure fiyah hit, musically "The Respector Of One" track 9 "Aids". *this gift to the world, I'n'I recommended highly even as a back to school back- pack stuffer, to the youth, a history class set to rhythms they can relate to...listen and learn!

*check out this outstanding cd release from Informative History Man, establishing a foundation for the youth to live by from the strengths and powahs handed down from standing on the shoulders of our ancestors, a legacy to live by! *

*link to *cd baby* for distribution by visiting *information history man's* page here on *WOJ!*

1 Biography of Haile Selassie I
2 Bob Marley Story
3 Marcus Garvey History
4 Africans Inventors
5 Mada That Great Stone
6 Educate the Youngster
7 Haile Rastafari
8 Empress Menen
9 Jamaica Sound Systems
10 Give Me Back Mi Name
11 Presidents of America
12 Old Murderer
13 Dennis Brown Tribute
14 Miss Lou Tribute
15 Mrs. Rosa Parks
16 Java Anthem
17 Honour & Tribute

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Pama Intl - Highrise Campaign Comming 2009

Pama Intl are proud to announce the launch of their next release...
'The Highrise Campaign'
An anti-knife & gun initiative, featuring versions of Pama Intl's anti-knife/gun anthem 'Highrise' by; Studio One veteran Dennis Alcapone, Michie One, the mighty Congo Natty Rebel MC, Wrongtom (Hard Fi), Billy Bragg, G.Corp, Mungos Hi Fi and Jimmy Screech.
The album will be in all good record shops on 2nd February'09 on Pama Intl's own Rockers Revolt label, with proceeds going to a number of UK children's charities who are actively giving youths opportunities, support and guidance, including;
Kids Company, London ,
Southmede Centre, Bristol and
Basement Studios, Bristol

It is very plain for everyone to see that knife and gun crime is out of control in the UK. Everyone involved with the making of Highrise, is truly passionate about spreading a positive message, as well as providing funding and opportunities to the younger generations. Members have been directly affected by knife and gun crime; Dennis Alcapone's stepson was shot dead in Limehouse, London this summer and Lynval Golding (The Specials/Pama Intl) has been a victim of a knife attack. In addition to the album's release, Pama Intl will be taking this vital message on the road. They will perform a series of club shows, as well as matinee performances and workshops for under 18s throughout 2009.

A launch night for The Highrise Campaign will be taking place on 20 December @ Jamm in Brixton. Feat. PAMA INTL & guests, MUNGOS HI FI & guests, ED ROME, WRONGTOM and more TBA

Coming soon on Rockers revolt; Pama Intl - Wrongtom Saves The World From Armageddon (Love Filled Dub Band completely versioned in dub by Wrongtom. Fresh from versioning the Roots Manuva latest album).
The Steady Boys - Roots (debut album from north east punk upstarts - Rockers Revolt first non reggae/ska release),
Overproof Sound System - Pull It Up (killer album from Groove Corp's sensational reggae enterprise).

Stay tuned for details

For you who like their music in digital form, Pama Intl songs from their 'Float Like A Butterfly', 'Dub Store Special' and 'Love Filled Dub Band' albums, meets Manasseh 10" and some previously unreleased material are now available to buy as digital downloads via Kazzsong, at very reasonable rates. You can find the Kazzsong player on the Pama Intl myspace page.

For any further information on Pama and Rockers Revolt label acts etc,


FROM 22:00 TO 3:30
Resident DJs:
Every 3rd Saturday of the month
£5 for members B 4 11PM £10 after £10 non members
Free membership
Playing the best in old skool RnB, Funky House, Reggae, Club Classics, Soul,Jazz and Anthems
0788753497401708 555042

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Read a review of our new album

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Super Cat - The Don Dada

Super Cat (William Maragh), was born in Kingston, Jamaica 1966, of mixed African and East Indian descent, he lived in the tough Seivright Gardens neighbourhood, then known as Cockburn Pen. This area was a hotbed of dancehall reggae and home to ground-breaking deejays like Prince Jazzbo and U-Roy. Here he heard the latest songs by these veterans blasting from local record shops, and by the time he was eight years old, he was hanging out at local club, Bamboo Lawn, assisting the crew of the Soul Imperial sound system and absorbing the dancehall rhymes of deejays like Dillinger, Ranking Trevor and Early B The Doctor. He stared out here as Cat-A-Rock, the name given to him by Abraham Ferron aka Echo, who was one of the younger brothers of George Ferron. The same Georgie who used to "Keep the Fire Burning" in Bob Marley’s "Stir It Up". The name Cat-A-Rock was then changed by late friend, Poet Jimmy Andem to Super Cat. The name was changed to describe his stage persona of cultural assertiveness and vision as opposed to the former nickname that had sounded close to blind like a cataract! It was here also that Early B gave him the nickname, the "Wild Apache", a reference to his partial East Indian ancestry.
As a teenager he moved up through sound systems like Crystal Blue, Stereo Grav, Virgo, Soul II Soul, Tape-Tone Hi-Fi latter to become King Jammy’s Hi-Fi, Supreme Of Love, Papa Roots Hi-Fi, King Majesty, Black Scorpio, Studio Mix, and Stur Mars. Super Cat developed and honed his skills to become a very accomplished DJ, with his aggressive and conscious performances on sound systems, which earned him great popularity in the dancehall, where eventually in 1981 Winston Riley decided to take him into the studio. Here they cut 'Mr Walker' together, but the road to fame was bought to an abrupt halt when he was apparently imprisoned for a short while, though I haven't managed to find out what for. On his release, his old mentor Early B offered him the chance to get back into music 'chatting' for the Killamanjaro sound system. The sound system gave him a respectable status as he performed alongside top acts like the Lone Ranger, John Wayne and Jim Kelly. In 1985 returned to recording with singles, 'Ride And Shut Off' and his contribution to the notorious Sleng Teng rhythm 'Trash And Ready', which helped to enhance his career. This was then followed by his biggest hit 'Boops', and was taken from his debut album "Si Boops Deh". 'Boops', the story of a 'sugar daddy' was a massive hit that spawned hundreds of responses and this tune alone is enough to cement him a place in reggae history.
It was until 1990 that his next LP appeared "Sweets For My Sweets" on VP records, and spawned the number one smash of the same name. Then this was swiftly followed by "Don Dada". This LP helped gain him a place on the U.S. music scene as the album featured heavyweights in the hip hop arena such as Heavy D and The Notorious B.I.G, and was a warning to the then up-and-coming DJs including Shabba Ranks, Cutty Ranks, and with the title song a reply too many jabs made by Ninjaman.
In spite of the assertive disposition of the record Super Cat was invited to perform at the 1991 'One Love' concert in the UK, promoting as the name would suggest peace and harmony. However for Super Cat, a few weeks before the show he was in New York when one of the exponents of the Waterhouse-style, Nitty Gritty, was shot. Unfortunately being in the vicinity of the incident at the time, media speculation pointed to him as the prime suspect. This altercation resulted in his non-appearance at the show.
By 1992 his innocence was proved and he secured a deal with Columbia Records resulting in the release of 'It Fe Done' in combination with Josey Wales. Super Cat also continued with ventures into the hip hop market when he appeared alongside stablemates the young rap duo Kris Kross, notably on 'Jump Supercat Dessork Mix'. He also collaborated with the duo in 1993 for their song "It's Alright". These main stream hits helped to make him The Source magazine dancehall artist of the year in 1993. He also collaborated again with The Notorious B.I.G., featuring the then unknown artist (along with Mary J. Blige, Jesse West and Puff Daddy) on the B-side remix of "Dolly My Baby" in 1993.
Whilst maintaining a career with Columbia he also began production work under the guise of 'Wild Apache the Don Dada', named after his dancehall hit. He produced top selling singles for the likes of Burro Banton, Junior Cat, Jack Radics, Eek-A-Mouse, and others. Along with his production work he still continued to release his own recordings including his version of Fats Domino's "My Girl Josephine", which he performed with Jack Radics and was for the movie soundtrack to Prêt À Porter. He unfortunately managed to emulate the success enjoyed by Ini Kamoze who also contributed to the soundtrack of the movie. The song was featured on the Super Cat's own "The Struggle Continues" which also included an appearance from Sugar Minott and U-Roy for the vintage reggae-styled 'A Class Rub A Dub'.
Super Cat went on to have the odd break through success, and was featured on the number one hit "Fly", in 1997 by Sugar Ray from their platinum album. He has also collaborated with India.Arie on her hit song "Video" in 2001, and with Jadakiss and The Neptunes on "The Don Of Dons" in 2003. Also in 2003, he collaborated with 112 for their song "Na, Na, Na".
Following the death of his long time road manager Fred 'The Thunder' Donner in 2004, Super Cat released a multi-cd tribute album entitled Reggaematic Diamond All-Stars that featured contributions from Yami Bolo, Michael Prophet, Linval Thompson, Nadine Sutherland and Sizzla among others.
Although he has had something of a sporadic career, this lively and outspoken performer, in his attitude on politics, sex, drugs, violence, and with his messages of a conscious and positive cry for justice in the ghettos from Kingston, Jamaica, to New York City to South Central, Los Angeles and around the world has been regarded as a source of inspiration to many artists including, Apache Indian (another Indian descent reggae artist from Birmingham, in the UK), Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, Collie Buddz, and Sean Paul to name but a few.
Presently, Super Cat is in the process of creating the Wild Apache Production facility, a recording and rehearsal studio in New York, and as a dancehall reggae DJ from groundation, he is now assembling his own sound system The Struggle Itinually.

Robb Blake – One Man Ska Explosion

If you're an old 2 Tone fan and you want something new to listen to in that kind of vein then you won't go far wrong with Ex-Whitmore, frontman Robb Blake's second solo album which contains a selection of stripped down, catchy 2 tone inspired ska & reggae. The whole LP is nicely paced and you'll soon find yourself singing-a-long along with the catchy choruses and drink fuelled lyrics. The LP should appeal to a broad section of people with its easy going feel and Robb's melodic vocals that now and then drift towards a more Joe Cocker style growl. Pick of the tracks for me are," Pick Yourself Up", with its rocksteady, feel interspersed with ska breaks. "It's Never Over" and blistering opening track "Trafficlight", the opening lines 'head like a traffic light, burning red, machinegun mouth..' a great way to describe your girlfriend going off on one at you.....been there and got the badge!
There are some more mellow moments that stand out like "Friends Of Mine" with its more pop feel and rocky guitar riff plus the acoustic "Waiting For The Rain" a song about drinking to forget....a theme which along with women trouble appears to be prominent throughout the album.
So all in all a good LP, which will sit nicely within anyone's collection, also really liked the cover, that pays a fine homage to the “Trojan Explosion” classic sleeve design of old.

Track list;

1. Trafficlight
2. Drink It Dry
3. Pick Yourself Up (And Move Along)
4. Friends Of Mine
5. 10ft Wall
6. The Fun Has Just Begun
7. 0-60
8. Easy Come Easy Go
9. It's Never Over (Till Its Won)
10. 3 People, 1 Shell
11. Turn The Page
12. Waiting For The Rain
13. If Ya Leave Me
14. Until Next Time

'Tribute to Dennis Brown'

Out Now is a 95-minute documentary 'Tribute to Dennis Brown'
It is available as HD DVD or Blu-ray disc featuring interviews with the man himself, other Reggae Legends, slide shows, musical tributes and more. There is also a 21 track CD to accompany the documentary.

The whole thing is available from

Dates To Look Out For This Month

Friday 7th November - Roots Street 9th Birthday Bash feat DJ Derek, Earl Gateshead (Trojan Sound) + DJ Crusty & Tony Popkids @ Maggies (formerly Tramps),
Bretonside Bus Station, Plymouth, Devon.
10pm - 3am.
Info: Roots Street / Trojan £7 otd

Friday 7th November - Jah Tubbys @ the Dub Bunker,
Royal Hotel, 1 High Street, Southend, Essex.
9pm - 4am.

Hard working Horace Andy is out and about again this month with appearances at.....
Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th November - The Old Market, 11a Upper Market Street, Brighton & Hove, East Sussex BN3 1AS.
Show starts at 7:30pm.

Thursday 13th November - In concert with the Dub Asante Band at the Bristol Academy, Frogmore Street, Bristol, BS1 5NA.
Show starts 8pm.
Tickets £17.50

Friday 14th November - With Trojan Soundsystem, Smerin's Anti-Social Club plus DJ Rogue at the Carling Academy Islington, N1 Centre, 16 Parkfield Street, Islington, London, N1 0PS.
From 7:30pm (doors 7:00pm).
Tickets: £20.00 advance

Saturday 15th November - Pama International with Painterman and DJ Wrongtom @ the Arlington Arts Centre, Snelsmore Common, Newbury, RG14

Friday 21st November - Fundraiser for amurt with the legendary Alpha & Omega + exclusive DJ set feat Jonah Dan & Paul Fox (t.b.c.) + DJs Rootsman Rak, Makepeace & Dan I @ East Oxford Community Centre, corner of Cowley Road & Princes Street, Oxford OX4 1HU.
8pm - 2am.
Info: tel: 07952 542 272 for tickets £6 adv / £8 otd

Friday 21st November - Stones of Ujima launch their album Children of the Emperor with support from local artists and DJ Tred (Jah Voice) on the decks @ The Drum144 Potters Lane, Aston, Birmingham, B6 4UU £7

Friday 21st November - Pama International @ the Monkey Cafe, 13 Castle Street Swansea, Cymru

Saturday 22nd November - Iration Steppas, the Disciples, Rootsman and Dublab alongside Dr. Huxtable playing on the Axis Sound System @ the Mill, Preston Street, Bradford, D7 1JE.
10pm - 6am.
Tickets: £10

Friday 28th November - Pama International with Ed Rome, Wrongtom & Jimmy The Squirrel @ the Maze, through the Forest Tavern, 257 Mansfield Road Nottingham NG1 3FT

Saturday 29th November - Pama International @ the Georgian Theatre, Green Dragon Yard, Stockton on Tees TS18 1AT.

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Mungo's Hi Fi - News

News from the Mungo’s Camp this month about their up and coming shows, plus new releases…

Mungo's Hi Fi meet MALA (DMZ) this month at the Artschool on Friday 28th November between 11pm - 3am
Glasgow School of Art, 167 Renfrew St, Glasgow, Scotland G3 6RQtickets - £5 in advance (available until 5pm on the night)£8 on the door (£6 for Artschool students)

Mungo's on the move:

Saturday 25th October - BRISTOL

Monster Bass @ the Black Swanwith The Bug, Warrior Queen, Chef v LD, LV and Dandelion, Murderbot, Monkey Steak and many more including them!.

Friday 7th November - EDINBURGH

Big Toe's Hi Fi at the Wee Red Bar St Kilda soundbwoy!

Saturday 15th November - WROCLAW, POLAND

One Love Sound Festival with Kenny Knots
plus Inner Circle, Irie Revoltes, Kanka, YT, Henry and Louis and more

Friday 28th November
Mungo's Hi Fi meet Mala (DMZ)

11pm - 3am Glasgow School of Art, 167 Renfrew St,
Glasgow, Scotland G3 6RQ
tickets - £5 in advance (available until 5pm on the night) £8 on the door
(£6 for Artschool students)

Saturday 29th November - BRIXTON ALBUM LAUNCH

Straight after the gig at the art school with Mala, they'll be packing the boxes in the van and taking them to Brixton for their first outing in London for a St Andrews Day Special.

7pm - 10pm MAX ROMEO with the Charmax Band
10pm - 4am Mungo's Hi Fi Album Launch SOUND SYSTEM CHAMPIONS will be in attendance, including Brother Culture, Kenny Knots, Mikey Murka, MC Ishu and many many more

Saturday 6th December - SUBDUB, LEEDS

It's Exodus time and they'll be shaking room two with the full sound system and the subbiest of dub

Thursday 11th December - SKATALITES, EDINBURGH
Supporting the legends as they return to Scotland in the liquid rooms

Friday 12th December - ZOO, GENEVA

Playing an exclusive set with OMAR PERRY on the might OBF Sound System in the Dubquake Arena


Hosted by the Departure Lounge posse featuring
They'll be rumbling in room 2 with Soom T larging it 10pm - 5am
Get your tickets early


3 new 12" records (also available as high quality mp3)
SCOB013, SCOB014 - On the mexican bean riddim featuring
Ranking Joe, Brother Culture, Afrikan Simba, Benjammin, Murrayman and Lyricson

and SCOB015 Brother Culture's legendary Wickedness plus refix

also check the new t-shirts in stock!


Recorded at the Shamabala festival in Northamptonshire back in the summer of this year......... download, share and enjoy:

Don't forget about their Dub n Grub nites every Thursday from 7pm - midnight at the 78 on Kelvinhaugh Street in Glasgow.

Do The Dog Music Massive Christmas CD Sale!!!!!

With Christmas Day only weeks away, make someone's festive morning with Do The Dog Music. They have decided to help solve all your Christmas present buying headaches by having a Massive Christmas CD Sale, giving you the chance to beat that pesky credit crunch & pick up loads of superb ska music for very little money, and with 10CD's for just £20!! What more could any self respecting skanker ask for!!

The Do The Dog Christmas CD Sale will run until the end of November & in the sale you will be able to take advantage of the following 2 special offers:

Buy 4 CD’s for just £10

Buy 10 CD’s for just £20

The following Do The Dog Music CD’s are available in the sale:

APB – Karoshi (Fantastic dub style mini album)
The Bakesys – self titled
Robb Blake – No Time To Waste
Robb Blake – One Man Ska Explosion (Great LP Check the review on this month's page)
Catch It Kebabs – Skanking Sausages (Highly recommended)
Dirty Revolution – Its Gonna Get Dirty (Great debut EP. Check last month's page for a review)
Drewvis – For The Win
Duff Muffin – Eagle Eyes
Ettin – Rise Yourself
Four 0 – Across The Borderline
Dave Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 – United Front
Honeyshop Screamers – Going Out Dancing
Jimmy The Squirrel – self titled
New Town Kings – Sound Of The New Town
Pama International – Float Like A Butterfly
Rebelation – Pounds & Pence
Rebelation – State Of The Union
Rebelation – Steppas (Top reggae and ska sounds)
Rebelation – Yo Swing Dat Mama
Sadies Doll – self titled
The Scrub – Life’s Torn Out The Tuna & Left me For A Bread Roll
The Skints – self titled
Skylar – self titled
Smoke Like A Fish – Here’s One We Made Earlier
Smoke Like A Fish – self titled
Smoke Like A Fish – Survival of the Hip’est (This & S/T are top sounding, 2 tone styled, skankers!!)
Splitters – Good Time Trouble (Excellent rough & ready reggae, review of this LP to come soon)
Squid 58 – Dismantled
The Supatones – Unity Avenue
3 Minute Warning – Tramps Jackpot
Too Many Crooks – Bounce
Too Many Crooks – Inside
Too Many Crooks – Spanish Fly

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Right now with Christmas sorted all you'll have to do on the day is put on your new jumper and slippers your Gran sent ya, get a large glass / jug of mulled wine sit in your best comfy chair by the fire and enjoy!

James Bond - Quantum of Solace

OK so November is here and the new James Bond film is out at last!

Back in the 60's James Bond was proving very popular and especially in Jamaica where many songs were released with some sort of Bond connection, so now on the flash player are at present 5 songs with a Bond related theme.

Desmond Dekker - 007 (Shanty Town)
Lloyd Charmers - Dollars & Bonds
Tommy McCook - Thunderball
Tommy McCook - Goldfinger
Lynn Tait & the Jets - El Casino Royale

If anyone has anymore please let me know