Saturday, July 5, 2008

Reggae For The People Tour - London ULU July 4th 2008

Went to ULU in London to catch the.....

"Reggae For The People Tour"

and all I can say is....WOW! what a night.

The Pietasters got everything off and running in fine order, and 'Maggie Mae' and a cover of The Business' 'Drinking & Driving' really got the place rocking.
The Slackers were next and this was the first time I'd caught them live. My mate who went with me has caught them a couple of times and kept raving about them, and everything he said was spot on. If you have never seen them live make sure you do!!
Pama where a class act as you'd expect, with Lynval Golding stealing the show. The encore of 'Message To You' with obligatory stage invasion finished things off nicely.
After the gig as everyone was leaving Mungo's (Who had been DJing between each set) started playing some rub-a-dub / dancehall sounds and had some fella toasting over the top, didn't catch who he was but top sounds.
So my recommendation to you all is next time any of these boys are in your area get along and you'll be guaranteed a skankin' great night out.

(Not a great photo I know, but I only had mi phone and I was far to busy dancin')

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