Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Pietasters - All Day

Well I have to admit I'm not all that familiar with The Pietasters back catalogue and have seen it said that this LP is all the poorer for not having some of the edgy, Punk sound of old. This means though that I have the pleasure of reviewing this from a completely impartial view of not comparing it with their earlier work, and I have to say I think this LP sounds great. I have to admit though All Day sounds as if it was recorded in someone’s front room, but this only adds to its charm as it is the perfect LP for house parties, with Stephen Jackson's raw, soul vocal, Jorge Pezzimenti’s bass and the fine brass section helping to make some of the catchiest dancing tunes around. The LP has touch of everything, from the full on Motown influenced opening track "Change My Ways", Rocksteady skank of "Late Night Call", 60's garage band sound of "So Long" and badass Funk on bonus track "All Day (part 2)", which I'm sure is a forgotten track from James Brown's Jungle Groove LP. So you get all this along with a large slice of ska and even a couple of dub reggae tracks. Hell they even have a Jazzy interlude in the middle in the shape of "Anj Gil", so you can grab a beer and raid the fridge before getting back on the dance floor for the full on soul stomp of "Fozzy"(I'm sure I saw Wilson Picket and Otis Redding bob their heads to that one!) . All in all a fine LP, which never gets dull with its constant shift in pace and style.

Track list
1.Change My Ways
2.Don’t Wanna Know
3.Late Night Call
5.Keep On Lyin’
6.Dream Of You
7.Anj Gil
8.Fozzy (Part 1)
9.Listen To Her Heart
10.So Long
13.Sketch Dub
14.G To F
Bonus Tracks
15. All Day (Part 2)
16. The Concept
17. Jasper's Fade

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