Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pama International - Love Filled Dub Band

Pama International’s first album, released on their own Rockers Revolt label, Love Filled Dub Band finds a band who are starting to find their stride, and gives you exactly what it says on the tin. A musical mix of “Soul-fuelled, dub-induced Roots, Rockers & Reggae.”, and lyrically the 'one love' ideal as the album deals with the multitude of troubles in the world today. From environmental global disasters and war to violence on the streets and the wasteful consumerism that plagues the society that we live in today. Don't however let this put you off as the tunes are not all doom and gloom, but try to raise the spirits and the tunes still have a party vibe.
The album starts with the funky, soul fuelled reggae of, “Wherever You Lead” and is followed by new single “Highrise” with it's slowed down Cherry Oh Baby riddim and features guest vocalist Michie One (one half of the London Reggae duo, Louchie Lou & Michie One). In fact the whole LP features guest appearances throughout some of the more notable being Rico Rodriguez, Sir Horace Panter (Bass), Paul Heskett (Sax) who once appeared with 2 Tone one song (hit might be pushing it) wonders the Swinging Cats, and on all tracks is Lynval Golding. Who also wrote and supplies the vocals for “Wonder Wonder”. There are also a couple of dub versions of some tunes nicely scattered across the album rather than following straight on in the shape of “Orgon will Follow” (Wherever You Lead) and, “Lovely Dub” (Lovely Wife). The whole things finishes rather surprisingly with the Northern Soul inspired “Be My Guest (a taste of things to come, maybe?).
This album is a fine start on the new label from Sean Flowerdew and Finny the two constants in Pama (they have been together since the late 80s when they were with ska band The Loafers) and I hope a sign of great things to come.

Go get Loved Dubbed Up!

Track List
1. Wherever you lead
2. Lovely Wife
3. Highrise
4. Orgon Will Follow
5. Tomorrow News Today
6. Come As You Are
7. First Impression
8. Throwaway Society
9. Wonder Wonder
10. Lovely Dub
11. The Race For Inner Space
12. Be My Guest

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