Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Presenting YabasS


Yabass "real people music"

Musician Producer and Dubplate Engineer Yabass is this months
artist showcase special at Springline. Whilst re mixing tunes for
this coming Saturday night's special for Showcase fm 'Yaba' took
time out for a quick interview via telephone from his studio in the UK..
Ed: Although your production sound is very distinct in it's own right your approach to recording and engineering has been likened to that '78-'80 Black Ark sound, who are your main influences and why?
Ya: "Well my main influence surprisingly is not Lee Perry although I like and admire Perry's productions I get more from listening to King Tubby's I think Tubby was more serious about his work where as Perry for me can be a little 'hit or miss' but when Perry does hit it's a Knockout punch! It's a great honour when people tell me I've locked into the Perry's
transmission's in my works"
Ed: Do you ever play live with a band?
Ya: "Yes,twice this year in Spain with The Manor thanks to Don Fe (Reggae Producer in Spain) and we hope to be up and running appearance wise later in the year..There's also talk of some live dubbing by Don Fe and myself ,we see bout that."
Ed: Are you a multi Instrumentalist?
Ya: "I play Drums ,Bass ,Guitar and Piano ,well you see it's because I get bored playing just one instrument so I move onto the next!"
Ed: Any musical collaborations ongoing?
Ya: "Well I've found my musical brother in The Manor so any collabs will more than likely be with him. Manors tunes are very well constructed and tuneful where as mine are more vibes and attack.You can find a great deal of my work on Reggae Dubwise http://www.reggaedubwise.com/members/90 and on myspace" http://www.myspace.com/yabass
Ed: You're part of the Mighty Jah Observer Sound System ,Tell us about that..
Ya: "I got involved with Spiderman (main Operator of Observer) about three years ago ,I rejigged his website for him renaming it Dreadsite! Observer has been around for over 30 years now and play Nottinghill Carnival every year.They are an Original Valve operated first generation roots and culture foundation sound" http://www.myspace.com/jahobserver
Ed: You easily have an albums worth of material available as downloads on Reggae Dubwise are there any plans for a Yabass CD album release?
Ya: "You know ,all the dub albums from time that I've listened to have maybe one or two killa tracks then the rest is filled out with sub standard material my aim was always to get a great sounding album and put it out on limited edition vinyl ,for me the magic went when CDs came onto the scene but yeah, that's still my aim ,one killa LP on vinyl.I probably still hav'nt recorded those songs for the album yet ,the tunes you hear now from me are warm ups..
so stay tuned"
Ed: What piece of studio fx could you simply Not be without?
Ya: "Gotta be the reverb ,it can cover a multitude of mistakes"
Ed: Recently SpringlineJamaica launched a new internet radio station called Showcase fm to air music works from the unsigned and uprising star.What are your thoughts on this..
Ya: "Well I've been waiting an awful long time for Springline ,I know there was other stations but the feel and vibe you guys give off is something you can almost touch you know ,real people playing real people's music"
Ed: The final word.....
Ya: "I just want to keep on pushing the vibe forward ,Dub music popped it's head up overground a few years back in the Seventies and then it went back underground ,maybe people wern't ready for it then? Only those of us that were tuned into the frequences those great artist's were transmitting got the message. Dub still hasn't had it's day in the sunshine but with people like Springline and Reggae Dubwise we see where it takes us"
Part of the Reggae arena for over thirty years and now
in his Fiftieth year himself the musical works of Yabass
are a true delight ,taking the listener back to those
overground dub times whilst always pushing the sonic
boundary of recording to the edge and ever forward.
His idea's and recordings come a plenty ,his collaborations
with fellow artist's combine to create a dub style within a
dub style ,it's a recognisable style from time but yet unique
in it's mighty vibe today.
If you happen to own a copy of the Alton Eliss tune "Telephone line"...
well you'll hear Yabass playing the Melodica on the recording from Chalk farm studios
Yaba also played Piano on a handful of tunes with the Skin Flesh & Bones band.
Find more of Yabass vibe by tuning into our special show this
coming saturday (5th) on Showcase fm at live365.com
Show start's in fine style at 8pm (GMT) featuring a ninety
minute showcase split into three 30 minute parts:
Part1 : Specials & Remixes
part2: Archive from Reggaedubwise
part3: Collaborations
presented at Gibbs Intl.
(The show will be followed by a brand new 'Steve Steppa presents..')
NEXT Interview with : The Manor

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