Friday, June 20, 2008

White Bird - Shoebedobedo

Over on the Flash Player is an Uncle Fee Dub Plate track

'White Bird - Shoebedobedo'

Uncle Fee is an original Sound System owner circa 1968 – 1980.
He still ‘play’s out’ occasionally and has appeared on the odd BBC local radio show (he’s done two in the last year). Also he used to have his own short lived show on BBC Radio Ipswich spinning reggae with his mates from the sound system.

"The Master Selector"

This choooon! is only available mail order on 10" viynal, (although if you ask nicely he may be able to supply you with an mp3), so if you want a copy email the man direct,

Cost: £ 5.99
P&P UK : £ 2.99, Europe: £ 3.99, Rest of the world : £ 5.99

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