Thursday, June 19, 2008

Barrington Levy - Teach The Youth

Been listening to an excellent cd, of Barrington Levy - Teach the Youth (1980 – ‘85 at Joe Gibbs), which has been out a couple of months now.
Don’t think I need to say much about this just that it is full of great tunes. Some feature period deejays Lui Lepkie, Ranking Trevor, Kojak & Liza. There are also 4 dub versions at the end performed by Rocky Gibbs & the Professionals, with it all being immaculately produced by the late Joe Gibbs.
Best tracks IMO are:
“Mine Yuh Mouth / Late Night Movie”, which makes nice use of the Bobby Babylon riddim.
The lazy paced “Do Good” and the steady skank of “Good Loving”.

All in all if you’ve never heard any Barrington before it’s a great place to start and if you know and are a fan of the man it’s a great way to collect the complete Joe Gibbs recordings with some 12" versions that have unavailable for around 25 years..... 8-)

Track List

01- Wife and Sweetheart-Dem A Friend Ft Lui Lepke
02- Mine Yuh Mouth-Late Night Movie Ft. Lui Lepke
03- Quick Divorce-Mek You Lie Ft. Lui Lepke
04- My Woman-Ten Thousand Woman Ft. Kojak and Liza
05- Do Good (Extended)
06- Teach the Youth
07- Good Loving
08- Give You Everything
09- Family Affair
10- Mouth Talk
11- Gwan and Lef_Me
12- Cast Eye Boy

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