Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mossburg Music

Arriving through the post at the Sprinline office the other day was this from I have to admit this is a new label to me and hails from the States, but some of the artist names are familiar and the ‘read ups’ for some of their releases do sound intriguing to say the least. No tasters or samples I’m afraid, but here is what they had to say...
The Stingers ATX - 'This Time Around' MB-2015
The latest offering from the ever-evolving reggae/ska ensemble from Austin, TX. This soulful record features the band’s usual sweet harmonies and sophisticated song writing, with a newer and somewhat deeper groove. Produced by Victor Rice, this album embraces the group’s ska roots while showcasing a more mature sound. The CD, released in April 2008, will be followed by a vinyl selection. ‘This Time Around' is also available as a digital download in both MP3 and full AIFF formats.
Hi Fi Killers - 'Turf War Dub' MB-2012
The first Mossburg release for 2008 came from the Hi Fi Killers. This group initially found success in the late 1990s with releases on Loosegrove Records. After the collapse of that label, the Hi Fi Killers returned to the studio and recorded this collection of amazing dub selections. The group signed with Mossburg Music in late2007. Heavy rhythms and tasteful, yet aggressive dub make this record and the Hi Fi Killers a perfect fit with the Mossburg
Contra Coup - 'On Time' MB-2010
This debut album, from the Austin, TX, band Contra Coup, offers up16 hard-hitting, reggae tracks produced by legend Clinton Fearon, including four dub versions by Victor Rice. The heavy rhythms and sweet harmonies, coupled with great song writing and Fearon’s skilful production, makes this a terrific record for the casual reggae fan as well as the dedicated connoisseur.
Contra Coup - 'Contra Coup Meets Victor Rice’ 12” MB-2011
The vinyl accompaniment to On Time' includes four tracks from the record, along with the four matching dub versions by Victor Rice on the opposite side all on Mossburg’s signature lush red vinyl.
Dub Fanatic - 'Terrible Riddims' MB-2013
DUB FANATIC is one of many pseudonyms for producer and musician Johnny Horn. This full-length, dub album contains some of his finest work. Pounding bass and drums, clever bubbling guitar, and masterful keyboard arrangements in the classic style make this one of the finest new dub records out there. With guest appearances by Lynval Golding (formerly of The Specials) and other great musicians, Horn has created a memorable dub experience.
Notables - 'Godfather Ska' 7” MB-2001
Rugged ska, with a Sixties sound that's the Notables. This Northwest band first hit the scene with the 1993 Mossburg Music release of 'Godfather Ska.' This ska version of the classic song found its way to DJs around the world. But the plates were destroyedduring the fourth pressing and the master tapes were lost. Then, during the move of Mossburg Music headquarters to Nevada, the mastertapes were found, giving the world a second chance at this gem. With its original red vinyl and silver label, this reissue of Mossburg Music’s debut release looks and sounds just as good as the 1993 version.
They are also happy to announce the addition of Charlie’s Records releases to the digital download section of their shop and go on to say.....

"Charlie’s Records consistently produces great reggae and dub, with only the heaviest of grooves. Their catalogue includes the one and only McPullish, the up and coming Judge, as well as tracks with Luciano, Chezidek, Fantan Mojah and more. The latest release, Back to Mount Zion' is hot offthe press and already doing very well worldwide"
"It's Gotta Be Worth A Look"

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