Friday, May 1, 2009

Music Is Our Occupation - Music Blog

If you haven't already then check out this fantastic blog.....

Music Is Our Occupation
for some excellent free downloads, podcasts and all round good read.

The free downloads (via a link) can be found on the right hand side under the "Get Occupied" heading. In there at the moment are a couple of crackers.

First one is a complete LP from Boss 501, which is a scorching mix of ska, rocksteady, early reggae and dub style vibes. It's worth a listen just for a slice of top skinhead reggae in the shape of 'Two Gunned Down'. Other tracks worth a quick mention are the easy flowing instrumental 'Jagger' and full on ska of 'Keystone'. The whole LP has a nice warm recorded in a 'mates garage' feel without the use of any wizardry or trickery. A good honest LP from people who obviously love what they are doing. If you like The Slackers etc this is for you.

The other must check out is The Pinstripes "2009 Demo". Only 4 tracks, but what 4 great tracks.
'Come On In' and 'The Boot' are definitely ones for you're dancing feet, with both being nicely paced ska style groovers, while 'Cool Whip' slows things down with it's rocksteady pace before 'One Drop' drops things down yet another gear, to a dubby, roots style affair, with a haunting opening that reminded me of the old 'Stella Artois' adverts from a couple of years back. Beer and dub what more could a mix want!So go check 'em out and put it in your favourites as more great downloads are to be added I'm sure.

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