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Dubatak Sound System

An unique combination of reggae, dub, rub-a-dub, stepper and dancehall unites producers of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo in the sound system and label DUBATAK, that since 2007 launched independent productions created and finalized in their studio in Rio de Janeiro. Today this music is amplified by a very powerful handmade sound system.

Started in 2006 initially by sound engineer and singer Mateus Pinguim and the producer Jeff Boto, they where soon to become a trio with the addition of producer and selector Prince Leo.
In 2008, the label Dubatak launched its first Album, “É Só Querer”, interpreted and produced by Mateus Pinguim, with launch parties in many Brazilian cities.
In the following year came their second release, “Braziliang”, a single on vinyl 7”, pressed in Germany, with the title song mixed by the Chinese Jiang Liang, further to the instrumental version (side B).

In June 2010, the label launched another 2 singles, “Dancehall Culture”, with Jamaican singer Earl Sixteen that became a hit at many of the main Reggae and Dub festivals across Europe. The second one, “High Grade”, interpreted by the English singer Ruben Da Silva, scored on mixtapes and was really well praised by selectors and listeners all over the United Kingdom
In March, 2011, the label launched another 7” on the same Experienza Riddim, with the English singer Tippa Irie, pioneer of the UK Reggae scene, and on side B, the Brazilian revelated singer Dada Yute, singing “Black Woman”.

Come September 2011, Dubatak finally launched the Experienza Riddim Album, with musical cooperation coming from Jamaica, England, Mexico, France and Brazil. This vinyl only album included a new version of the song “Voice like Thunder”, released in 1984, and recorded again on 2011, by the veteran group “The Viceroys” and Derajah, one of best singers from Jamaica’s new generation.

With its own studio, the “Control Tower Studio”, located in Rio de Janeiro, the label has already produced dubplates and exclusive songs with international artists such as the Jamaicans Johnny Clarke, Ranking Joe, Bushman, Andrew Tosh, Horace Andy , Scottish voicstress Soom T, the French group “Les pigments Libres” and the Mexican singer Bocafloja, among others. In Brazil, they have already recorded with singers such as Jimmy Luv, Funk Buia, Arcanjo Ras, Jr. Ramos and Comando Selva, among others.
Dubatak has already played in events and festivals in the United Kingdom, France, Holland, Portugal, Spain and in Brazil, with names such as Tippa Irie, Deeder Zaman ( Asian Dub Foundation), Mungos Hi-fi, Jahtari Sound, YT, Soom T, King Tubby Sound System, Jahspora Sound and Ras Bernardo.

In order to promote new Brazilian Reggae productions, Dubatak launched the compilation named “Reggae Rua Volume 1” in April 2012 with 11 big tunes interpreted by the new generation of reggae singers from Brazil. To find out more visit:
New releases

In mid-July (2012) Dubatak launched 3 singles on 7” vinyl featuring the first 6 tracks from the new album “Old Feeling Riddim", interpreted by Ranking Joe, Soom T, Thriller U, Ruben da Silva and presenting the Jamaican singer I-Kushna, who was in Brazil in 2011 recording and performing alongside Dubatak crew. His passage was recorded on the video clip for the track "Healthy Lifestyle", filmed in “Morro do Salgueiro”, community on the north of Rio de Janeiro city.

The full album with 15 tracks includes Swedish singer Diegojah, the Jamaican singer Peter Ranking and the brazilian singers Mateus Pinguim, Rica Caveman, Hélio Bentes and Guilherme Adonai is expected for release in October 2012, and certainly will mark the history of the conscious crew.

DBTK 006 
A) Ranking Joe – Vitamine G
B) I Kushna – Healthy Lifestyle

DBTK 007 
A) Soom T – Chaos in the sun
B)Thriller U  – Dem Cold

DBTK 008 
A) Ruben da Silva – Hurry come up
B) Old Feeling Riddim

These singles are available from Dub Vendor and other leading outlets 

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