Saturday, September 22, 2012

Double A Side from Roots Hitek - CALLING ME HOME, MASH A BARRIER

 Side A

features the roaring LIONESS FONTS with a song CALLING ME HOME it is also the title track of her forthcoming Album on the ROOTS HITEK label, this prolific songwriter has had releases on many labels across Europe and beyond and has a pile of recordings due for release from various producers like Peckings, Jah Youth(Roots Ambassador) and others. This is followed swiftly by part 2 featuring PRINCE LIV-I-JAH of the Roots Ambassador Sound Systyem with a track entitled DON'T WATCH DA CLOTHES ,this version also features lovely sax phrases by I Jah Saloman. Part 3 of the riddim is then dubbed out in a rockers style, by Roots Hitek in the dub realms studio,

Side AA
features IDREN NATURAL with track MASH A BARRIER, on a long overdue release with Idren Natural Meets Roots Hitek a follow up to digital download favourite Roots Reggae Journey (a favourite of the Mexico dub masses) these bredren have long featured in combination on Sound System and Roots Reggae Promotions all over Europe and now studio works are coming to light, a showcase album looks very likely in future.
This side also features a dub version DUB A BARRIER, with Part 3 a instrumental BUSS ALL BARRIERS, the Riddim features bredren Jacek on bass guitar, Digistep on saxophone and flute and Kheru Jahman Dan on Kette drums, with all other instruments and mix by Roots Hitek at the dub realms.

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