Monday, June 1, 2009


Out now on Greensleeves Records is 2009's volume of the Ragga Ragga Ragga! Series. The LP to me has more of a Hip Hop, R&B , dance feel especially with tunes like Ding Dong's "Man A Gallis" and Andrew & Wada Blood's "Hustler For Life (La La La)", which both ride along nicely on Wayne Unga Thompson's 'Gallis'-riddim', but feel a bit like Euro club hits, perhaps just more of a sign as to how the world is shrinking.
Best tunes for me on here are opening track from Vybez Kartel "Life Sweet", which without doubt is a sweet tune, the Stephen McGregor produced "Gimme Gimme" by Beenie Man , "Nuh Bleach Wid Cream" by Mavado and finishing it all off nicely is "Corrupt" by Dancehall stalwart Bounty Killer. All in all I found this a bit hit of and miss affair, but then for me Ragga starts and ends with SL2's classic "On A Ragga Tip"

Full Tracklist:

01 vybz kartel - life sweet
02 black crucial - real stingers
03 laden - time to shine (piano riff from abc)
04 busy signal - money tree
05 mavado - nuh bleach wid cream
06 aidonia - flying dagger aka 100 stab
07 rdx - bend over
08 bragga dat - dagga dat
09 ricky blaze & fresh prince - how me look
10 tok - gimme little (if you want me)
11 beenie man - gimme gimme
12 assassin - dem nuh want no gal
13 ding dong - man a gallis
14 wada & andrew blood - la la la
15 bounty killer - corrupt


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