Monday, June 1, 2009

Predator Dub Assassins - Vintage 1970's style roots reggae music

Predator Dub Assassins were formed in October 2001 and played their debut show at NYC’s Continental to benefit the families of the victims of the 9/11 attacks on Manhattan. A loyal following developed around P-Dub, as people were quick to connect with the band’s music. Since then the group, formed around multi-instrumentalist/songwriter Ras Timothy(aka Predator), has continued to enthral live audiences everywhere with the Dub Assassins’ own brand of original 1970’s style Rasta roots-reggae.
Predator Dub Assassins released their first CD in July 2005 and, since then, have been performing non-stop to a loyal following which they have seen grow rapidly. Regular appearances at popular area venues continue to provide the group with a link to the NY/NJ scene from which they were spawned.
Predator can also be heard on recent CDs by The Itals, Ronnie Davis, WestBound Train, Barry and the Penetrators, King Django, Dr Ring Ding, Stubborn Records, and; of course, Ska legends Inspecter 7.

This self titled LP is a fine collection of songs and not as the name would suggest a collection of instrumental reggae dubwise tunes, and kicks off nicely with the 'Norwegian wood' tinged, flute playing, nicely paced skank of 'Gunman', with it's DJ delivery style anti-gun culture lyrics. This is then followed by 'Never Go Astray' which ups the pace a notch and sees Ras Timothy turning in a smooth, measured vocal, and that is in fact how the LP continues with some beautifully executed songs, full of consciousness, spirituality and views on every day life. Indeed for a band with Dub in their name there are only two instrumentals, the bass throbbing, haunting melodica blowing, echo laden ' Dread From Clarendon' and the jumpin' 'Ska#48'. All in all a good solid selection of tunes.

1 Gunman
2 Never Go Astray
3 Kool & Deadly
4 Candy
5 Ease Up
6 Dread From Clarendon/Ras Gregory Love Dub
7 Sugarman
8 Knowledge
9 Ska#48
10 Bible Reveals Again
11 Million $ Man
12 Zion-I
13 Truths & Rights

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