Sunday, March 1, 2009

Reality Shock

Reality Shock - Volume 1 is an LP that features 16 tracks from veteran artists such as Macka B, Earl 16, Aqua Livi, Errol Bellot & Dixie Peach as well as some rising stars such as Solo Banton, Deadly Hunta, Lioness Fonts & many more. All of the tracks are UK produced, having been mixed by the likes of Russ Disciples, Mafia & Fluxy, Gussie P & Stingray Records. Amongst them are some well-known Reality Shock anthems previously released on 10" vinyl, such as Afrikan Simba's 'Free up the Herb' & Mikey Murka's ‘War’, which have enjoyed extensive play by many radio stations and leading soundsystems across the world. The love that went in to every detail of this album is evident even down to the artwork, drawn by the mulit-talented Hugo Wolf, featuring characters of the RS family in a style reminiscent of early Scientist albums. I was going to do a review of this LP as it is a fine example of modern roots reggae, but try as I might I just couldn’t find a way to surpass or even match the review done by Angus Taylor in November last year that appears on the United Reggae web site, as he has pretty much nailed it!
Personal faves for me are Chiefatin Joseph - Musical Farmer and Deadly Hunta’s – Better Way

1. Errol Bellot - Reality Shock
2. Prince Livijah & Prince Alla - Only Love
3. Earl 16 - Reggae Got Soul
4. Solo Banton - Roots Rock Reggae
5. Chiefatin Joseph - Musical Farmer
6. Afrikan Simba - Free Up The Herbs
7. Dixie Peach - I Believe
8. Bird - Thanks & Praises
9. Aqua Livi - Stop The Shooting
10. Deadly Hunta - Better Way
11. Lioness Fonts - One Way System
12. Errol Bellot - Babylon
13. Marga - Dem Wrong
14. Macka B - Rise Up
15. Errol Bellot & Afrikan Simba - My Youths
16. Mikey Murka - War

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