Thursday, March 5, 2009

Mungo's Hi Fi on Scrub A Dub

News reaches from Mungo's Hi Fi of their new label.......


Scrub a dub is a brand new record label from Mungos and Scotch Bonnet based in Glasgow, and has come about so as to allow them to indulge in their dirty dubstep desires. This is by no means an end to their reggaematical releases, but an is an addition and development of them. The first release sold out instantly, with 2 tracks by Mungo's Hi Fi, "Babylon" and "Dubplate fi dem" - widely acclaimed by djs with Babylon already released on Tempa's latest Dubstep Allstars. Check the dubstep forum response. The track is also doing well on youtube, last fm, etc

They are at present just waiting on delivery of the test pressings for the next single, with they hope the vinyls back in a week or two - this will feature Haffi rock, one of their most requested pre-releases with the other side filled with the gangantuan wobble that is Phokus, Mr Boogie and TKRs Scrub a dub debut Big Up! As soon as they heard it was a must have for the cheeky half time, real reggae riddim feel, but mainly cos it mashes up the place. You can hear it and the following release featuring dj Shy at the new Scrub a dub myspaceNow for more Mungo's live news...... They will be playing a set of pre-release dubs, both of their own and some pretty morsels gleaned through too much time on myspace. To this measure they are delighted to welcome Phokus and Mr Boogie all the way from Germany for a back to back set of their own productions as well as a bit of what they fancy. Check their recent mixes: Phokus Mr Boogie

Also it's a big welcome back MC Ishu, 'Mr. Belly Ska', on the mic to bring the vibes for the session and hold things together. If you're about at the artschool look out for Mungo's taking over the decks from Benny Boom...

More good news for all the people who were there for YT mashing it up in January with Dub boy, Pinch, RSD and the Bristol Ruffneck Diskotek massive; the Nottingham crew who were there for Warrior Queen, Earl 16 and Kenny Knots, and those of us who weren't but wished we had is that recordings will available of this event and will hopefully get posted soon......niiiiiice!

Up and Coming Tour Dates for March

FRIDAY 6TH MARCH - Montpellier, FranceSouthern Dub Convention with Kings Hi Fi and Lion Roots featuring Brother Culture, Marina P and Mikey Murka

SATURDAY 7TH MARCH - Lyon, Francewith Zion High Foundation, featuring Mikey Murka

THURSDAY 12TH MARCH - Cross Club, Praguewith Kenny Knots

FRIDAY 13TH MARCH - Faval, Brnowith Kenny Knots

SATURDAY 14TH MARCH - Subclub, Bratislavawith Kenny Knots

THURSDAY 12TH MARCH - Manchesterlongside Nucleus Roots

FRIDAY 13TH MARCH - Liverpoollongside Eat your Greens

SATURDAY 21ST MARCH - PARIS DUBSTATIONwith Lion Roots and King Earthquake - featuring Brother Culture

FRIDAY 27TH MARCH - ARTSCHOOL WITH DADDY FREDDYwith support from Daddy Scotty and Zeb McQueen

RELEASES!!!all available from decent record shops and of course....

///SCOBLP001SOUND SYSTEM CHAMPIONS LP ON DOUBLE VINYLwith 4 bonus dubs and d&m mastering for vinyl heaven

///SCRUB001SCRUB A DUB RECORDS IS LAUNCHED WITH A CRISPY 12" IN A DUBSTEP STYLEA - Babylon (new mix from the dubstep allstars) B - Dubplate fi dem

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