Saturday, July 5, 2014

Baking The Breadwinners

The past two years has seen a flurry of activity from the Bakery, a vintage equiped studio located on the edge of Manchester England. AL Redfern at the controls recording on reel 2 reel via an array of classic effects units the same as used at Mr.Perry's Black Ark studio back in the mid to late 70's in Jamaica and using instruments bordering from the same era including a restored Rhodes piano, a couple of two and three deck heavy organs along side an arsenal of percussive instruments all combining together to make up the Bakery Studio sound, a true analog signal experience. Various bands, outfits and producers have enlisted the mixing duties of AL Redfern not only from the reggae arena but also from the Indie and hip hop arena's.

The Breadwinners is the collective name for whoever records with AL at the Bakery, a host of musicians and vocalists have graced a recording or three at the studio, both vintage JA artists and today's underground  uprising star.. The Breadwinners first officially released album was called 'Dubs Unlimited' in 2013 which came out on the King Spinna label on Vinyl LP, CD & DL which was followed shortly by the Horus Records label 7" vinyl release entitled "Riddim Box Dub" a heavy duty instrumental featuring Bakery Studio stalwart 'Stally' on the saxophone; a double A side affair with on the flip side a tune by London's 'Skinshape' suffice to say the first press 7" sold out pretty quickly, more recently and again on Horus Records a Breadwinners 12" vinyl appeared featuring on the A side the distinctive voice of vocalist City Culture with a traditional Jamaican style discomix track entitled "As Far As I Can See" backed by a complete re working of the classic Stevie Sotunes vocal track "Mr.Landlord" (the original version was much championed by Springline's Gibsy Rhodes during his 'in fine style' underground radio shows throughout 2013).
A breadwinners track also appears on a CD album release by underground long timer 'Yabass' with the superb "Roots Controler" followed by it's dub cut on the album entitled "Send Em To Outa Space' on the Atomic Sounds label.

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