Sunday, February 10, 2013

Keith Hudson - Torch Of Freedom

Whether you know him as The Dark Prince Of Reggae, the Ghetto Dentist or just plain Keith, the legendary artist and producer Keith Hudson created some of the most idiosyncratic, innovative and atmospheric reggae that ever came out of Jamaica and Hot Milk Records are proud to present the uber- rare "Torch Of Freedom" as its first ever release.

Hot Milk is a new label dedicated to re-issuing lost and hard to find roots reggae, dub and dancehall albums from the golden age of Jamaican music. Hudson was famous for his productions for reggae greats such as U Roy (Dynamic Fashion Way), Big Youth (S.90 Skank) and Dennis Alcapone (Spanish Amigo) before moving on to concentrate on his own singing. What followed was a ground breaking and completely unique body of work that was arguably never bettered by any reggae producer.

"Torch of Freedom" is one more missing piece of the Keith Hudson discography that has gained a large following and re-issues treatment in the last few years after being out of print for so long. "Torch Of Freedom" fits neatly besides Keith Hudson's other classic albums such as "Pick A Dub", "Flesh Of My Flesh, Blood Of My Blood" and "Playing It Cool, Playing It Right “and shows the unique sound and vision of what Hudson's work as an artist and producer was all about.
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