Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Ripple - Sure Is Funky

Ripple were an interracial Michigan soul-funk band who are best know for their 1973 hit 'I Don't Know What It Is but It Sure Is Funky' which peaked in the US Pop charts at #67 and the US R&B chart at #11. It has also proved popular as a break beat among the hip hop fraternity being sampled by the likes of  Special Ed on ‘I Got It Made’, Kid ‘N’ Play’s‘Rollin’ With' and on a remixed version of ‘Everything’ by Mary J. Blige in 1997.
They were something of an eclectic bunch with an array of influences that left their debut self titled album sounding more like a hastily put together compilation as it drifts from kick ass funk through soulful leanings, akin to a less distinctive variant of Stevie Wonder to pop inclined tones, which all in all left them neither too raw nor too slick. Maybe they would have been better to stick with funk as the other popular song from this set ‘Funky Song’, another heavily sampled classic (Ice Cube’s 'The Death', MCLyte’s 'Funky Song' and many more), proves for when they are in this vein they really create a groove to make ya move with a vibe that does exactly what it says on the tin.

1   You Were Right On Time
2   Be My Friend
3   I Don't Know What It Is But It Sure Is Funky
4   I’ll Be Right There Trying
5   Get Off
6   See The Light In The Window
7   A Funky Song
8   Willie, Pass The Water
9    Dance, Lady Dance
10  Ripplin'

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