Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reality Shock Records The Ancient Times Riddim

Ancient Times riddim combines Nyahbinghi & Indian musical influences to create a powerful & epic acoustic anthem. All six pieces contain backing vocals by Soom T & the dub mix also features flute played by Maya, with all other instruments played & mixed by Kris Kemist. 

A recent addition the Reality Shock family roster, Soom T, is a Glaswegian renegade artist known for her eclectic vocal collaborations with the likes of The Orb, Asian Dub Foundation, Mungo's Hifi, Jahtari & many more. Soom T has already earned herself a seemingly cult status amongst underground music followers worldwide, performing to sell out crowds at shows in Mexico, Brazil, USA, Canada, Japan, China, India & all over Europe, whilst clocking up millions of hits on YouTube & even appearing on the BBC's Jules Holland Show. The Soom T phenomenon shows no signs of abating, with her first collaboration with Reality Shock's founder & producer Kris Kemist marking an exciting new chapter in the Soom T story. The result of this collaboration is best described as a musical journey to a higher dimension! Soom T delivers powerful & deeply spiritual lyrics based on a Hindu prayer, in her uniquely energetic yet melodic vocal style, complimented by a refreshingly organic acoustic instrumental track.

Next to feature on Ancient Times riddim is Reality Shock's homegrown superstar Solo Banton. With his song 'Rejoice', Solo gives thanks for the positive things in life & reflects upon the blessings that we all too often take for granted. Solo Banton has rapidly become one of Europe's most highly respected artists and has been described by some as "the best thing to happen to reggae music in years". Since the recent release of his Music Addict EP with Jahtari, Solo Banton continues to spread his musical messages to ever wider audiences & is gearing up to drop his highly anticipated second album on Reality Shock later in 2012 which promises to be some of his finest work to date. 

Following Solo is a piece by Afrikan Simba entitled 'Man of Today'. Inspired by his experiences in Ethiopia, Afrikan Simba speaks of the times we are living in, warning of evil forces which could lead us down a path of destruction if we do not work hard to take action to become self-sufficient. Afrikan Simba recently hosted his 4th annual Goodly Words festival in London and continues to tour at home & abroad, whilst also hosting a radio show on Voice of Africa radio 94fm and running his own music & clothes shop called 'Drum Beat' (639 High Road Leyton, East London). Amongst other projects Afrikan Simba is working on an album with Kris Kemist due to be released on Reality Shock next year.  

Turning over the record we find the title piece of the riddim, a beautiful piece sung by UK roots legend Aqua Livi. Ancient Times is a song about unity & oneness which describes a time when all tribes were united, living & working on one accord. Aqua Livi is devout Rastafarian & a special kind of artist from the original school of reggae music, with an authenticity & a spirit which has been liked to that of the late Dennis Emmanuel Brown. During the 80's & 90's Aqua Livi's band 'Urban Warrior' (later called The Roots I-mansion) enjoyed success, touring the world & being played extensively by the likes of Jah Shaka & David Rodigan. Aqua Livi even recorded an album for the late Coxsone Dodd at Studio One in Jamaica, although it sadly remains locked in the Studio One vaults to this day. After remaining relatively quiet in recent years, Aqua Livi is now working on an album with Kris Kemist entitled 'Most High Calling' due to be released later this year, introducing Aqua Livi's music to a new generation of reggae music lovers.

The final vocal on the riddim features Deadly Hunta as you've never heard him before! Reciting in Dub poetry style, Hunta delivers excerpts from Revelation:18, a biblical chapter describing the fall of Babylon, a prophecy which many believe to be symbolic of the events playing out on the world stage today. Deadly Hunta recently released a new album entitled "Speak My Mind", since which he has become one of the busiest artists in the Reality Shock family, spending much of his time on tour particularly in Eastern Europe. Seeing the energy he puts in to his live performances its easy to see why Deadly Hunta in such demand. He is currently working on his own label & brand 'Smoke Dawgz' due to be launched later this year.

The record ends with an instrumental dub version mixed by Kris Kemist, a powerful & meditative finale to our musical journey through ancient times.

Ancient Times is out now at iTunes and on 12”vinyl

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