Saturday, June 23, 2012

Macka B - Change The World

Macka B the popular, gravel voiced, veteran UK MC is back with a new self produced album “Change The World”, the follow up to 2008’s “More Knowledge”.
He was recently interviewed by Angus Taylor for Reggaeville where he spoke about his concept for the album which covers a wide variety of topics from Rastafarian ideology to the scourge of gang violence, the barbarity of slavery and a lack of compensation for it, through clever use of the up surge of personal injury lawyers to make his point and of course good old fashioned love.
In fact the whole album is well written with poignant and meaningful lyrics that effectively convey each songs message whether it be a strong cry for unity and how this strength through unity can be used to Change The World or the light heartedness of ‘Medical Marijuana’, a tale about how he needs a card to allow him you to smoke Marijuana legally for medicinal purposes like those in America. This song also rides along perfectly on a vintage riddim used on the Toots and the Maytals number ‘Hold On’. Other songs that make good use of classic Studio One riddims, that have been re-edited and remixed by George 'Peckings' Price son Chris, are ‘Good Woman’ (Queen Of The Minstrels) and aptly ‘Never Played A 45’ (Boops) that encourages DJ’s to keep faith with this format and mix it in with their CD’s and mp3’s.
The remaining songs are built on a backbone of new riddims from Ironfirst Productions that have managed to blend that feel of the classic riddims of old, with pulsing bass lines and bustling horns, yet kept them contemporary and fresh.
If you are fortunate enough to catch Maka B at one of his festival appearances this summer then I’m sure many of these new songs will go down well for as he says there is “something about the feel and the vibe” (Never Played A 45) about this album that many will enjoy.

This review was first published in Reggaeville’s Festiville 2012 magazine where you can find a host more reviews, interviews and other interesting facets of information concerning this years Festival season.

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