Friday, February 18, 2011

Dub From Atlantis - Silly Little Things

Ranking Records have just brought out their first release from Bristol bass giants, Dub From Atlantis.

DFA have been playing and promoting all styles of reggae music in Bristol since the summer of 2000, performing with most of Bristol’s best known reggae artists as well as newcomers to the scene & big names from out of Town.
‘Silly Little Things’ shows dub from Atlantis’s unique ability to fuse a classic dub foundation with modern production twists. The sax played by James Gardiner Bateman harks back to those vintage studio one records, as vocalist Celestine floats over the riddim with beautiful melodies, taking influence from classic reggae and soul, with the low end taken care of by some mighty sub bass frequencies.
Dub from Atlantis draw deep for the dub, which is peppered with stylish licks from James Gardiner Bateman and Josh Archaleo.
Cymatic is a production crew consisting of some of the most prolific and respected producers in UK dance music: Ruckspin, DLR, Quantum Soul and Chris Octane come together for their first ever release on Ranking, a nasty brooding dubstep stinker that lurches and grooves towards a synth rinseout on the Second Drop.Kähn is from a new generation of Bristol producers and DJs, brought up in the city's renowned culture of Sound Systems, Punk Rock and Hip-Hop. While true to its tradition and respecting its influence, he's building a following based on a sound of his own. His ‘Silly Little Things’ remix comprises a funky as hell 2- step shuffle that bubbles over Celestine’s vocal so neatly that it could almost be an original version. Reverse instruments and long, ambient reverbs pad the background, and as the Beats and Bass Develop, a dreamy sonic landscape reminiscent of ranking regulars Ruckspin and Quark oozes out of the speakers.

1. Silly Little Things (ft.Celestine)
2. Silly Little Things (ft. James Gardiner Bateman and Josh Archaleo)
3. Silly Little Things (Cymatic Remix)
4. Silly LittleThings (Kähn)

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