Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bobby Pins & The Saloon Soldiers

I’ve been listening to a lot of albums from new bands who have been inspired by that rocksteady, early reggae vibe of the late ‘60s early ‘70s on labels like Trojan and Pama. I’ll admit that none of these bands appear to want to re-invent or modernise that sound, but are just embracing it with open arms in their desire to recreate that sound. To some this means it may sound a bit old hat, but if you love that type of thing then I think you’ll really like this and want to add it to your collection. It was released and highlighted on here earlier this year and at last I have got my hands on a copy.
Bobby Pins & The Saloon Soldiers are a 9 piece from Dresden, Germany, fronted by three sassy looking, and soulful sounding female vocalists Luise, Dorit & Lotti. The music behind them is a grinding organ driven groove that’s sweet for ya feet. The album kicks off with a big boss reggae, spaghetti western inspired instrumental ‘Dual By Dawn’, that is all deft guitar and plaintive trumpet a top that organ driving beat. This is then followed by ‘Dancing On The Moon’, which sees a change of tact to more dulcet tones and introduces us to the soulful harmonies of female vocalists on this gentle sway of a tune. Rocksteady and boss reggae is then very much the order of the day with the lyrics mainly concerning love and its difficult path.
‘Streets Of Soul’ bring in a bit of motor city stomppin’ soul mixed with the reggae, while ‘Sunday’ is more straight laced heart-rending soul, with melancholy vocals backed by the raw, searing organ and moving trumpet.
Closing out the album are three instrumental versions of previous tunes. The first one ‘Reaching For The Sky’ (Dancing On The Moon) features some efficient Ernest Ranglin jazzy styled guitar. ‘For A Good Reason’ (No Reason) sees brass replace the vocal and ‘Poise & Organ’ (Poise & Fame) completes the album kind of back how we started with an organ pulsing workout.
In all 14 tracks of great old fashioned boss reggae, with some sweet soul on the side.
01 - Dual By Dawn
02 - Dancing On The Moon
03 - Streets Of Soul
04 - Hobo In The Grass
05 - No Reason
06 - The Revenge
07 - My Best Boy
08 – Sunday
09 - Place In The
10 - Poise & Fame
11 - Silent River
12 - Reaching For The Sky
13 - For A Good Reason
14 - Poise & Organ

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