Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Soul Jazz 100% Dynamite NYC - Review

Soul Jazz are back with another fine offering to their "Dynamite" collection (The perfect party album series imho) with this 2cd / double vinyl compilation of dancehall rap hybrids from New York during the early 90's (tracks do vary, 22track cd reviewed here). The LP gets under way with the stormin' Bobby Konders Mix of Super Cats 'Don Dada', with its funky, Hip Hop beat, which sets the tone for the majority this comp, although there is also a sprinkling of more traditional stylee dancehall tunes. the pick of these being 'Style and Fashion' by Jah Batta & Skitee with its head bobbin', laid back heavy bass smokers feel, Shineheads 'Rough and Rugged' and 'Informer' by Born Jamericans that rides majestically on the "Shank I Sheck" riddim.
Other notable tracks are the Fu-Schnickens take on 'Ring the Alarm' which sounds reminiscent of the Black Sheep. 'Zig Zag Stitch' by Nikey Fungus, which utilises Shaggy's 'Carolina' style to great effect. and Rankin' Dons 'Real McCoy' with its catchy Huey Piano Smith 'Don't You Just Know It' influenced chorus, while Super C blends 'The Funky Drummer' and 'Boops' on 'The Rat', but if you need just one more reason to buy this LP, then in these times of political correctness gone mad buy it just for Shaggy's 'Matress Jockey' alone and play it loud!!. I grant you that none of these songs will win any prizes for lyrical content, slackness and gangster style aplenty here, but if you just want infectious, bass bustin', party vibe beats......well you won't go far wrong.

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