Saturday, May 31, 2008

"The Sound Of Now"

Playing at the moment over on the Showcasefm station are MUPHSTEPPA. They also happen to have a tune on the flash player at the moment 'Life'. This a fine tune about social issues and injustices, with a nice ska vibe. If you visit their Myspace page you can find a few more tunes to listen to and download which have quite a different feel. Check out 'River of Tears' my personal fave with it's well laid back almost spiritual vibe.
MUPHSTEPPA is the musical collaboration between MUPH, a dub producer from Belgium, and our good friend at Springline STEVE STEPPA, the Los Angeles based vocalist. The combination creates a very moody style of reggae and dub while staying true to the fundamental roots of the genre. Here are Muph's words on how he and Steve got together and how Belgium and L.A have managed to create this solid set of tunes.

"Steve and I met virtually on the old site. I was looking for vocalists who wanted to collaborate on some tunes. After the first or second tune we both noticed that his vocals and lyrics matched great with my instrumental escapades. So we decided to create a complete independent project ''MUPHSTEPPA". The way we do it is very simple. I create an instrumental riddim, send it to Steve, when he's ready he sends back his vocal track. I then mix and master it together to create the finished article. We've never met in real life, for the distance between Europe and USA is too big to swim, and too expensive for musicians to travel! It will happen one day... I hope,perhaps, even find a backing band to perform!!! More dreams then...... you never know what the future holds!"

Forward March MUPHSTEPPA!

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